Sunday, September 30, 2007

DKNY Uncover The City Website

A few days ago I did a review of the new DKNY Delicious Night fragrance. To mark the launch, Oct. 1 a special website goes on called Uncover The City, to showcase unique spots around the town.


Experience New York City nightlife as you’ve only read about, where waiting to be discovered are hidden little secrets, places to go and things to do that you might have never noticed.
On October 1st, DKNY’s latest innovative venture,, goes live. Evoking the energy, ethos and spirit of NYC at night, this unique site provides an insider’s perspective on the city, uncovering all the excitement it has to offer.

Just as DKNY Delicious Night, the fragrance, captures the magic of a mesmerizing city, allows you to choose and explore your own adventures. It is a visual digital guide of New York City’s most interesting places, most coveted information with the most exclusive content, all wrapped in the dynamic package of a compelling narrative, great music, original photography and the recurring element of surprise. Developed for savvy New Yorkers and out-of-towners alike—this site is both exclusive and insider, friendly and inviting. surpasses the traditional interactive online experience. The journey begins with a choice of whether to “Take the Night by Storm” with the girls, “Meet the New Boyfriend”, or “Experience New York for the First Time.” With each option, one is transported to the authentic New York City locations of their choice, each accompanied by a fictional conversational narrative. The animated pages bring the city to life as traffic lights change, ambient music plays, cars streak by, and inhabitants peer from apartment windows, as each continued choice provides new twists and unexpected surprises.

Visitors can read text messages specific to each story line, listen to hot new music tracks, change the music to suit their mood and taste, view behind-the-scenes footage of the DKNY Delicious Night commercial, as well as exclusive information about hot NYC clubs, restaurants, shops and music.

In a city that never sleeps, the night is intoxicatingly delicious. Are you willing to adventure into this delicious night and uncover the city? On October 1, 2007, see where the night will take you. Discover NYC for yourself.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

PS Kiss at Nordstrom October 1st

Exclusively at Nordstrom- Peter Som’s P.S. Kiss for Lancôme

--Nordstrom Announces Fall’s Most Fashionable Lip Color Will Be Available October 1 --

Come October 1st, the wait is over for the third Lancôme Pout-a-Porter lipstick. This time around, fashion fanatics can head to Nordstrom to get their hands on P.S. Kiss, a beautiful burgundy shade created by Lancôme artistic director Gucci Westman and celebrated designer Peter Som for his Fall 2007 Fashion Show.

Nordstrom National Beauty Director Debbi Hartley Triesch can not wait to showcase the shade, saying, “Straight off the runway and right into Nordstrom- we are so excited to be launching the Pout-a-Porter lipstick this season with Lancôme and Peter Som. P.S Kiss is the perfect combination of a bright red and a dark burgundy lipstick, making it a very wearable shade for all skin tones and perfect for this season. It’s the essential must-have and a great compliment to all the rich, luxurious fall fashions.”

A limited number of lipsticks have been created- and given the sell-out success of the first two Pout-a-Porter collaborations with Benhaz Sarafpour and Proenza Schouler, beauty junkies should drop everything and head to the nearest Nordstrom counter, or log on to, before the Peter Som P.S. Kiss lipstick, which will retail for $24, is long gone (or, up on eBay for 5 times the price.)

While many times, recreating the runway beauty trends seen on the models during fashion week can be impossible- striking the right combination of the different lipsticks, glosses and stains that the artists mix to create the perfect hue is not an easy task. But in the case of P.S. Kiss, Nordstrom shoppers can get the perfect runway result every time, since each and every model in the Peter Som show- donned pouts painted with P.S. Kiss.

About P.S. Kiss:
The collaboration began a month before New York Fashion Week in January, at Peter’s design studio. Gucci and Peter poured over his inspiration board, as Gucci began mixing pigments together on the spot. “My fall collection was all about rich textures and deep saturated colors – P.S. Kiss is the perfect bold stroke to go with the clothes, but it is still elegant and easy,” says Peter. On the day of the show, Gucci and her team painted P.S. Kiss onto the lips of Coco Rocha, Chanel Iman, Jessica Stam and the other top models walking in Peter’s show. “I think the color we came up with is reflective of his clothes—modern and sophisticated, and very pretty,” says Gucci.

(PS Kiss is available now at

Friday, September 28, 2007

MAC Matte 2

Part 2 of the new MAC mattes:

As with Mattene, I was worried about all this matte-ness. Many of the new shadows were dark,and I knew they would have lots of pigment, so I just picked the one that looked most promising with my color and dove in.

First to try was Flourishing, a deep olive. First glance I was hoping this was more celadon but I realized that it was definitely olive. It also has tiny flecks of shimmer, which made me happy. They are barely there but enough to break up the matte. It looked great . The shadow went on so smoothly, no flaking or flying off of particles, and it blends well.

Next up was Copperplate a medium grey with a touch of brown. A grey taupe basically. This looked nicer on me than I ever thought it would , as I don't do grey too well. It gives a subtle smoky look.

All these shadows have a pigment that is strong and adheres well. I am getting really good lasting power out of them. They blend well as I said, and I think will make great eyeliners. Thats my next project with the Copperplate.

Matte 2 shadows are a permanent additon the MAC line, so they will be around for you to test.

They sell for 14.50

Thursday, September 27, 2007

MAC Mattene

MAC Mattene lipsticks hit counters on October 2nd. A lot of us have been waiting to try these. I do admit some tredpidation with all the new Matte products including the Matte 2 eyeshadows ( post on that coming soon), as I did matte back in the 80s when I was just doing makeup and it was all the rage. The late, wonderful Kevyn Aucoin was one of the masterminds behind that, called the Mattemaster at the time. Those lipsticks were dry, but did last, and we loved them. Then good shimmer came along and I have never looked back.

I am not sure I want to go all matte again, but the new MAC 's are a nice addition to other lipsticks.

I do like the rich lip look thats out for fall , these fit that well.

Mattene lipsticks are dry , sort of, but they do not dry the lips, they have just enough moisture to make them feel good and have slip, but look very matte. Even the semi- matte ones.

I have been wearing Cafe Matte, a medium brown shade for the past 2 days. A nice neutral, I also like Composure, a nude with a hint of berry pink to it. For the red lovers out there, Grande Dame is a true screen star siren red, the one most likely to be worn by Dita Von Teese. Night Violet is super deep purple that would be especially nice on darker skin tones.

All of them have major pigment and apply smoothly on.

I got decent wear out of these, and after application, they settle in some, and really accentuate the lip contours.

The case is slim ,black, matte( naturally) , and chic.
Mattene retails for 14.50 and are LE , out until Nov. 21

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

DKNY Delicious Night Fragrance

DKNY is releasing next month new Delicious Night as a tribute to the pulsing nights of Manhattan.
No apple in this one, it's billed as smelling more like a blackberry martini. Notes include pomelo,orchid, freesia, jasmine amber, myrhh, and vetiver.

I smell much blackberry from opening through drydown, but not too much martini, the scent doesn't yell "alcoholic drink " at you. I wonder how this would layer with Demeter's Gin and Tonic( which I don't own , unfortunately). I think it would make a stellar combo.

Delicious Night is not an overly fruity fragrance despite the pomelo and blackberry. There is definitely plenty of floral and a muskiness as well. I get a lot of the freesia , jasmine , and amber as well as the blackberry. It's a floral-amber melange.

It would work well day or evening, and has good sillage and lasts quite well.

The perfume comes in the Delicious style bottle but in a beautiful deep purple black shade. It reminds me of an apple the Wicked Queen in Snow White would have. The color of the bottle is enough to want to display it. It looks just a bit wicked, and is far darker than it looks in the picture.

The scent comes in an EDP in 2 sizes, as well a shower gel, lipgloss and body lotion.

It will be first at Bloomingdales in October.

1.7oz EDP-52.00

3.4oz EDP-66.00

Shower Gel- 32.00


Lipgloss -16.00

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Armani's Milan Show Face

Armani's look at the Milan show- a new new sheer black lipstick ? Thats one to check out. This look is so different from the NY collections, and it's pretty nice on the model.

“He really wanted the look to be the Peter Lindbergh version of a sexy, sultry Sicilian woman — playing with light and shadow on the face,” said head makeup artist Aaron De Mey. The woman Armani had in mind had heavy eyebrows, a glossy mouth and tanned, golden skin.

“It’s like she has a face full of makeup and she’s fallen asleep in the sun,” added De Mey.

Most of De Mey’s handiwork went into creating the eye — he used five shades to get the glossy, smoldering look.

De Mey started out with a new sheer black Giorgio Armani lipstick, which he patted on the eyelid as a base, then he layered Giorgio Armani eye shadows in taupe and khaki bronze over the eye socket, which he extended to the outer corner, and slicked everything with a daub of Giorgio Armani metallic burgundy lipstick number 56.

A dab of metallic silver powder was placed on the eye’s inner corner; then the look was finished with black eyeliner and plenty of black mascara. The same metallic burgundy lipstick was used by De Mey to shade the models’ cheekbones and stain the lips; the lips were also slicked with a clear gloss on top. "

all info:wwd

Monday, September 24, 2007

London Fashion Week bits

A cute golf/tennis outfit by Stella McCartney for Adidas, as well as an assist from her Dad and Debbie Harry( and sis Mary), and some retro 60s glam from Allegra Hicks.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Calvin Klein Makeup Makes A Return

The first makeup line by Calvin Klein came and went before I even got to try what looked like some nice products. The company is trying again it seems.

" Christina Ricci will help Calvin Klein Inc. make a splashy start with its new makeup line in Milan on Sept. 27 by hosting a party for the collection, which is being produced under license by Markwins International and is beginning its rollout now. CKI's previous color cosmetics collection was produced under license by Unilever Cosmetics International and discontinued in 2003. "


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Todd Oldham joins Old Navy

Designer Todd Oldham has signed to be Old Navy's creative director as of October 1st.

I look forward to this. I always liked Oldhams designs back when he was doing runway shows, plus he seemed like a fun guy.
Old Navy needs some new life and verve. I like some of their items, but a lot are so -so at best. I always find some good bargains for trendy stuff , and love their T shirts, but there is a lot of room to be better.
It's a staple for anyone on a budget, so it will be nice if the design goes up a notch.

Oldham will also do a special collection for the stores.

Info/pic : wwd, and the daily

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Clinique Zero Gravity Repairwear Lift

Clinique launced the new Zero Gravity Repairwear Lift skincare this month. This is a Retinol Peptide product that has Vitamins E & C, and Whey protien.

What initially interested me was that it came in a version for combination/oily skin. You don't find too many good skincare products that are made for us oily skinned ladies. It also says it helps to control excess oiliness. So far so good.

So I got a jar and started using it. that was about 2 1/2 weeks ago.

I've mentioned before that I do not have overly "mature" skin, and don't always use or need heavy duty antiagers. At the same time, I am certainly willing to use something that will help my skin and keep it in great shape.

The Zero Gravity is a gel creme, at least in the oily skin version. It goes on smoothly and sinks in very fast, and it has made my skin look better. Mainly I have noticed that it plumps the skin. It looks fuller and filled out. I also think that the beginnings of lines around the mouth( those marionette buggers) have also smoothed out . They were minor before, and now are almost not there. I like that.

Some of the details per Clinique:
Zero Gravity Repairwear Lift helps maintain exisitng natural collagen levels, enhances skins natural collagen production, and lifts and tighetns skin.

Overall, I am very happy with this. I have not broken out, and it gives just enough moisture for me.

Another big plus : it comes in whopping big jar. The picture looks small, and most skin creams come in small jars, this is 1.7 oz, which is the size of many perfume bottles, to give you a reference. So for $52.50 you get a jar that will last a long time.

Zero Gravity also comes in Very Dry Skin, and Dry /Combo skin versions. If you have a favorite Clinique rep, or hit a Sephora that stocks it, you may be able to get a sample to try first. I find it so much better to do that, but it's not always available .

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bobbi Brown Metallics

I am having fun trying and using 2 of the new Metallics eyeshadow palettes from Bobbi Brown. Hard as it may be to believe, this is the first time I have tried Bobbi Brown eyeshadow. Yes, I know, I'm a beauty nut, and I even met Ms. Brown once. I love many of her products( those Shimmerbricks and the Beach fragrance are 2 big favorites), but never the eyeshadow.

So , I am loving these. They have such a wonderful silky quality, and blend seamlessly. I have been using the Forest and Plum sets. The Forest set has a wonderful deep, hunter green shadow in the trio. Years ago you saw much more dark green than I have lately, so I was happy to see this shade.

It's dark , and great for the smoky eye of this season. All the magazines are touting doing a smoky eye, but if you don't want the harder black, to try greens, greys, purple. The other 2 shades are quite dark( and pretty) as well.

The Plum Metallics set has a softer champagne shade with 2 mid- deep plums, one more mauve based than the other.
Again a great smoky eye, or a more muted one is easily done here.

The palettes are great for throwing in your bag or weekender, and could cover much of your shadow needs for a day or two, depending on where you are /going.

They come in 2 other color combos : Midnight ( blues and a gorgeous made for evenings out silver), and a gold/ nudes set.

Now to the time I met Ms. Brown. She was doing a personal appearnace at a Neiman Marcus a ways from me, and I was there Christmas shopping, and had mom and dad along. I had to explain to dad who this woman was, and being the funny guy he is, he decided he wanted to meet her. So he certainly did, going up and asking her if she could " do anything with him"? She laughingly suggested some eye cream.
Nice lady, good makeup.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Emmy Night

My Emmy fashions post is not going to be a long one ,as so far I haven't seen much to talk about. What a sorry collection of dresses. These women can have any designer they want, and even pay people to dress them, surely they could have done better than what I've seen so far. Now, I have not seen all the arrivals pictures, but a good few. Many will swoon over the same things I didn't, but it's all in ones own taste.

The best dressed pair- Ellen and Portia. Portia looks great and Ellen even donned jewelry. Felicity Huffman and Hubby Bill looked darn good( they are always each other's best accessory).

I had high hopes for Mary Louise Parker until I saw the bottom of her dress, oops.
Ellen Pompeo's "do" aged her like 2 decades. The hair by itself was interesting but it isn't on her. Way, way too aging and old.

I wasn't impressed with Eva Longoria's dress, but her makeup hit it out of the park. She always has these amazing lashes, and the nude lip works so well on her.

Who else hit it out? Kate Walsh- stunning in draped, clingy red with perfect hair, and Chandra Wilson in beaded blue number, and America Ferrara ,also in blue . And look at Kristen Bell , super beauty in that dress. I am also happy to see that 2 of my best dressed are women of a real size, not the super thin Hollywood ideal, and showing that ideal just how a girl can look good.

So what happenned to Kyra Sedgwick, Sandra Oh, Sally Field,and more?? They are wonderful and beautiful, they need dresses that say that better.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Missoni launches Colori makeup

Missoni is releasing this month a new face highlighter, and lip gloss.
The gold compact houses a highlighter w/ a touch of bronzer, and the lipgloss is a swirled combination of warm tones, pink and ivory and goes on a sheer pink color with a chocolate cherry flavor.

Compact retails for 70.00
Lipgloss 25.00

They will be available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Saks NY New Shoe Floor

Last Month Saks Fifth Avenue debuted a new shoe floor in the NY store. Much talked about, it even has it's own zip code. When I was there for Fashion Week, I had to go over and give it a look. It also happened to be the day that my favorite shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti , was making an in store appearance. I only have 1 pair of his shoes, got on a great sale , but it was fun to gaze at lots of them all displayed.

The designer himself was signing shoes, and polaroids they were taking. I didn't go over to chat, but he looked very jovial and seemed to be having fun.

The new floor is indeed very large but not as big as I was thinking. It is brightly lit, and very open and accommadating. A huge shoe made of flowers graces one area.

One of the nice things about the big , high end stores, is the service. Waiters were offering much needed flutes of water, which after a hot 5 block walk in 90 temps, was very welcome.

It's nice that whether you are buying or browsing, you can enjoy the atmosphere and drinks.

The best part of the shoe floor, though, is the chocolate cafe. Set towards the back, Charbonnel et Walker, an English chocolatier, has set up a cafe and bar ( complete with revolving desserts and a choclolate fountain in the middle) , as well as a counter to buy their very good chocolates. The cafe serves chocolate drinks both hot and cold. I bought just a few truffles to take home, and they were incredibly good.

After leaving Saks I went to Macys and their shoe floor as well. Macys shoe floor is pretty darn big too, although less glamourous. Both had nice shoes, and I managed not to buy any.

all photos: the beauty alchemist

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More Fashion Week Makeup

More pictures of the faces at the collections in NY.

More bold lips, but for Oscar de la Renta, Pat Mc Grath for Max Factor did a soft, smoky eye with a nude lip, per Oscars request.

Diane Von Furstenberg had a tropical feel( it's the one with the flowers in the hair) , makeup used from her own line. At Carolina Herrera it was bold red/orange lips( orange is the color for spring so far).

One of the prettiest looks - Milly. MAC makeup was used, blending a green and teal cream shadow for the eyes( the teal and aqua green Paint pots maybe?), and a pretty guava lip.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Day at Fashion Week cont'd

Well my feet are almost feeling back to normal. Flagstones make up the "floor" at the tents, and they are literally hard.

So few more pics and thoughts from my day at the tents. ( The Saks shoe post gets pushed back a day or so)

I have a good shot of the bright lips at Temperley. Scary thing is ,I think I have a lippie that color from back in the late 80s, early 90s ( Borghese). Yes I have an enormous stash of old makeup that I kept. I call it my vintage collection. Not to use, of course. I may actually do a post on them one day.

Also, the Thakoon show is done, and we have a look at what may be the next Pout a Porter Lancome lipstick. The color looks ok, a nice wearable pinkish shade. We'll have to wait to see or hear more.
The picture of Liya Kebede is from the Carolina Herrera show, and also goes for a bold lip.

I didn't see too many other celebs , other than my super Duran meet, but Nigel Barker was there at the Twinkle show, and he seemed extremely nice, many stopped him for pictures. He also walked out with all the regular people instead of doing the VIP route.

I also spied Lauren Ezersky, having even more gray hair, but she pulls it off oddly enough.

Something that suprised me was the amount of color people wore. I expected all black, hey it's what I wore. I love color, but I love wearing black too. Many wore dresses and tops in prints or color. There was far less black than one would think.

Another trend was the Tory Burch flat. I saw many wearing these both in the tents and in the stores. Not sure if they were the real deal or the look alikes( Burch is in litigation against people who copied her design).

They are the "in " shoe it looks like, for now.

Speaking of color, yellow is turning up a lot in the shows, so it looks to be a popular shade coming up. This means the Snoopy dress here is right in style.

Photos:wwd ,, the beautyalchemist

Sunday, September 9, 2007

My day at Fashion Week

Yesterday was spent at the tents , and the highlight had nothing to do with fashion really. I got into the Temperley London show, one that I had been anxious to see, and more so after I heard that Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran would be attending.

For the youngest readers, this may mean nothing, but I have been waiting to meet them since the early 80s, and I did yesterday. I was one excited person and after that, I was like fashion show? what show?( pic shown is with Padma Lakshmi)

They were very nice and Simon especially was very gracious and they even did a pic with me.

As for the actual show, it was a bit of a departure from the normal, wonderful Temperley dresses, but one has to change things up some I guess. I loved the cloche hats the girls wore, and the lace bottom dress shown is also a stunner. The show was called Plage Privee, and meant to evoke summer of the '20s and '30s.

There was a draped copper halter gown also that was lovely, and in the pictures of her after party, Ms.Temperley wore that dress.

I also went to Twinkle by Wenlan. Lots of cute dresses, some prints that were so -so, but overall a decent show. I took some pictures, but my camera couldn't get thru the darker room well, so they aren't the best.

The MAC booth was the gathering spot for many beauty bloggers and the MAC people couldn't have been nicer. I met the ladies from Lipstick ,Powder n' Paint, Beauty Snob, The Makeup Bag, Elke from Beauty Blog network, The Makeup Girl and several others whose site names I unfortunately do not remember. It was a pleasure to meet them .

MAC predicts , and we all could from the runway looks, that a bold mouth and little other on the face is the spring trend. Lots of pink or coral on the lips, and glowing bare skin. This is not really a look I am feeling, and I am sure it will be tweaked before it hits the stores. I really think some mascara, and a touch of blush is needed. Honestly, I wasn't really sure the models even looked that good in this palette. Unlike winter bold lips, this was too much color.

Fashion week was so fun, but grueling and hard on the feet. You need comfy shoes and a big bag to carry stuff. There is a lot of down time between shows often, and not lots to do or see once you've made the booth rounds. Snoopy in Fashion was cute, they had some dresses on display . I heard someone say the show the night before was good.

I had a good day to be sure, and even fit in a visit to the new huge shoe floor at Saks. Pictures of that next post.

Photos: the beauty alchemist , and mercedes fashion week

Friday, September 7, 2007

NY Fashion Week Cont'd

Today was the Badgley Mischka show, I always look forward to seeing the photos from their show, as they do the most lovely gowns. Todays show had some good ones,although nothing really incredible.
The off the shoulder blue one pictured is sort of seventies/south of France. If an opportunity arose to both get the dress and the invite, I could see this being perfect at a beside the pool soiree overlooking say, Monaco or Cap D'Antibes .

Tom Pecheaux did the makeup, and used MAC. He created for the show a bright pink that he used on all the models. He hopes to get MAC to put it in production.

At J. Mendel Several MAC paint pots were used to create the golden eye on the model shown below . It looks to be Indianwood, and Rubenesque , along with the deeper brown one.

Trends so far seem to be safari and nautical, but there are many shows to go. Hopefuly I will have some good pics after tomorrow's day in NY. Do not know what, if any, shows I will be lucky enough to attend, but I plan to scout around a lot.

Makeup: WWD

Photos Badgley Mischka: MBUSA Fashion Week

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fashion Week NY begins, news from MAC backstage

Fashion Week Spring 08 has begun in NY. On Saturday I will actually be there ( yes , I will be at the tents, excited is the word).

Even though I will only be there for the one day, I will still have access to tons of info thoroughout the week and will pass it along as I go. I don't know what shows I will be at, but I will see as much as I can.

There's a lot going on all week, and I'll sift thru it.

MAC is providing the cosmetics for 70 shows this season, and before the shows even began, had offered some idea of what is coming both soon and later. Plus several shows today had artsits using MAC, and there were some interesting thoughts.

Lastly, Marcia Kilgore of Bliss is launching a line at Target. I hadn't heard this before, but it may have been out there in the news. I don't know launch date, but it looks fun.


For Spring/Summer 2008 in New York, M.A.C Artists will be creatinglooks for 70 shows including Carolina Herrera, L.A.M.B, Rodarte,Heatherette, J.Mendel and Baby Phat

This season, product development teams from M.A.C will be swarming fashion week to observe a new foundation for dry/mature skin, which, after two years in development, will undergo intense backstage scrutiny. "It's an exciting time for us because, it's not just about what's new on the runway,it's also about what's new backstage," says Balbier. Which products are poised for a breakout performance during theSpring/Summer '08 shows? The Mineralized loose powder and extensions of theMineralized line already on counters are the most anticipated new arrivals."Our Mineralized Skin Finish baked mineral powders are a perfect texturefor Spring/Summer. You can use it as foundation, powder or blush -- we can't keep it on the shelves," says Balbier.

**At the Boy by Band of Outsiders show, Navy eyeliner was big, and what MAC thinks may be a spring trend-pale conturing of cheeks. That sounds interesting, but not sure how it would look overall. Hopefully some pics will be posted that I can upload here.

Target's Soap & Glory :

"Everyone's (not so) secret addiction, Tar-jeh, or Target for those not in-the-know, just got that much cooler thanks to Bliss founder Marcia Kilgore and her new line, Soap & Glory. Boasting six new products including Calm One, Calm All bubble bath, Sexy Mother Pucker lip plumping gloss, and The Righteous Butter body lotion. The pink, black, and white color scheme with bright, bold lettering takes a cue from tabloid journalism, making the packaging just as fabulous as the product inside. "

info/pic: bliss from the daily

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Chanel Camelias Palette

Bergdorfs website is featuring this beautiful Chanel palette. It does not say lipstick, but I am assuming it is either that or highlighter/blush. Either way, it's so pretty. The trouble with things like this, is that not only are they pricey, but then they look too pretty to want to use.

"Inspired by the iconic CHANEL camellia, four complementary cream shades - rose, sheer rose, lustrous white and plum - leave a beautiful luminous finish"


Monday, September 3, 2007

New Sak Handbag design coming in January

The Sak brand is introducing a pretty nice, new print bag in January . I like the Sak weave bags but find them a bit heavy. This bag has a pretty good price especially if you can use one of the Macys coupons .( Not sure if the Sak falls into the excluded list), and the print is catchy. It's a bit Dooney and Bourke-ish, but without the cutesy-ness of say, their bumblebees, that were really not cute .

The info :

"The Sak has tapped Paris-born graffiti artist Gilles Jourdan to create a one-of-a-kind exclusive print for the brand. The Central Saint Martins graduate, who has recently worked on large scale murals for clients like Paul Smith, PepsiCo, and Nokia, continues to create street art all over the world. Jourdan's artistic collaboration with The Sak marks the Frenchman's first accessories collaboration with an American label. The print reflects The Sak's brand DNA by featuring dove artwork and emphasizing the words "peace," "share," and "listen." It also highlights the 18-year old company's home base of San Francisco on the print, paying homage to the brand's roots. A 60s-inspired modern-day feel channeling a carefree "Summer of Love" urban hippie vibe. Dubbed the Ashbury collection after the famous Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in the City by the Bay, styles include a shopper, satchel, and hobo bag, all fabricated in linen, trimmed in white leather, yellow leather, or black patent leather. A complementary leather collection will be offered in white, black, and luggage brown shades and will feature the print as an inconspicuous inside lining. Priced $99 to $199, the pieces will be available in January at Macy's and at "

Info/pics:the daily