Sunday, June 2, 2024

RoC Derm Correxion Firming Serum Stick Advanced Retinol

It's hard not to like skincare in a stick. So easy , so portable. And also cute. 
@rocskincare RoC skincare's new Firming Serum Stick is all of these. It's  been  awhile since I had tried any of RoC's  newer launches and when I saw this online , I knew  I  had to try it. Fun fact, I was a RoC official ambassador at one point many years ago . I still have the badge on my blog page. 

The new Firming Serum Stick is a clear gel like formula with retinol that you turn up and swipe on. It's not sticky and is lightly moisturizing . It glides on easily, no muss, no fuss.  How much easier can skincare get ? A big plus ? It really works. I've been using mine for about 3 weeks but I noticed a brightening pretty quickly, some smoothing and I had been using another retinol product previous to this one. After a couple days I noticed a difference.   I've been using this on the backs of my hands too. And they've gotten much smoother. 

I often moisturized with a cream over it but not always. When it's colder  I need some extra moisture,  when it's warmer like today ( almost 90') not so much. If you are drier skinned than you'll want to add a cream over it.  I didn't find it  drying to my skin, but most retinols I've used in the past weren't either. And again, I did usually add something on top of it. Unfortunately I don't know the % of retinol here as it's not listed. By the way it's worked I'd say a decent bit. 

 The Serum Stick also has glycerin for  moisture and cranberry fruit extract and ascorbic acid for antioxidants and newer ingredient THPE that is said to tighten and contour , while working with a retinol. I found this quote online from a RoC press release "Firming THPE, whose efficacy is clinically proven and was published at the American Academy of Dermatology, lifts, significantly improves facial contours, and increases skin's firmness by 1.9 times, while slow-release Pure RoC Retinol continually boosts elasticity and reduces lines and wrinkles."

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