About Me

Located in New Jersey, near Philadelphia and a beauty nut since childhood when I first painted my nails pale purple at age 6 , I love covering all things new, which is why my tag line is " I scour the world of beauty , so you don't have to". I read as much information as I can on all that's new every day . I don't overlook some older but amazing products either. 

I cover fashion, beauty and fragrance. My fragrance collection currently totals approx. 100 bottles. I am a true perfumista. My makeup hoard is even more huge and has been that way long before I ever started blogging. 

Available for quotes and freelancing, I have been  part of the Total Beauty Network , a contributor to Betty Confidential, former beauty writer at LovingYou.com,  the former fragrance editor at Beautystat.com,  and a Lucky Magazine Alpha Shopper. I have written for FiFi nominated Sniffapalooza online magazine ( now The Perfume Magazine) , and been quoted in the New York Post and on About.com's skincare channel.

In order to know where I am coming from in my reviews , here's the rundown on my skin and hair:

I have combo skin, which becomes normal/slightly dry in cold winter months. In summer, it's beyond oily. I have major makeup melt issues, again more in summer, but it's always at least somewhat of an issue. My skin is in good shape. I have very tiny lines at my eyes, and no others. I use anti -aging products but do not need heavy moisture except in Winter.  I can sadly, smudge almost any mascara out there with a very few exceptions. Hair is normal to dry, thick ,long and in good condition.

Find me on Instagram @TheBeautyAlchemist