Monday, February 19, 2024

Estee Lauder Legacy Collection Perfumes

I was very glad to get a set of samples of the new Estee Lauder Legacy collection from my friend Kathy . I will admit to not being overly familiar with many of the originals, the only one I own is an older solid of White Linen, which is in the jeweled rocking horse. I can't even remember when I tried the others. So I can't compare the new vs old well. I've got my quick takes on the line. 

Knowing Legacy- I have an original bottle of Knowing  but I haven't found it yet. The Legacy version  brings a feel of smoky leather, blackberry underneath rose with a lot of patchouli and sandalwood. It has a lot of sillage, one spray of this sample lasted hours. 

 Estee Legacy- Floral and chypre like. Pretty , bright, a warm aldehydic floral embrace. The florals include carnation which gives a good hit of spice, jasmine , ylang, ylang and rose. I get wafts of all of those and the honey note while not prominent adds a touch of sweetness that lasts . It dries down sweetish, floral and musky with good sillage as they all have. This is my favorite of the quintet. 

 Private Collection Legacy- Mossy, chypre like, green, aldehydes. A very old school , cool, metallic feeling to it. This one has galbanum, rose, sage, basil, oakmoss and you can clearly smell many of those herbal notes as well as the oakmoss. It's aromatic, very elegant & high end smelling and dries down soft, close to skin with light sillage. 

 White Linen Legacy - Fruit , powder , aldehydes. The rose here is very powdery, vintage lipstick like with a lot of vetiver and labdanum . As it dries down it's more a soft focus rose with the aldehydes in the background . White Linen is the only one of these I have. It's an older solid but mine smells a bit warmer and more woodsy and strong than the Legacy version. This one is a good example of just how robust these scents are. It was still on my hand after rubbing with astringent & a shower later. 

 Azuree Legacy- Bold right off, this has big sillage, a power scent. Chypre like and very herbal with a lot of spices. There's sage and oakmoss , plus clove and patchouli. Jasmine is listed as note but it's in the background. Malle had them add cumin and in the drydown it's there . This is spicy & dusty leather on me.

It's going to be interesting to see how/if these appeal to younger buyers which I imagine is at least part if not mainly the goal here. The modern updates are well done but will these still very old school type scents attract them ? I would love to see younger enthusiasts embrace or at least know some of the scents that are considered "old" now. And will those faithful to the originals gravitate towards Legacy versions ? I think they should give them a try or sniff. You can have both versions.
As a brand and as a company Lauder is having some trouble right now. Sales are down. While they have great products they haven't managed to capture the younger clientele or grab a lot of anyone's attention . The brand is in need of it's own reboot in a way. The beauty marketplace is crowded and there hasn't been anything innovative or unique coming from EL in awhile Will this new line do it ?

The Legacy line is on sale now and bottles are $ 280 each at Bergdorfs 

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