Monday, March 31, 2008

Chanel Summer Lip Swatches

Lets start the week with some Chanel. Not many better ways right ?

I have swatches of most of the new lipsticks from the new Summer 2008 collection.

They are quite nice, and come in all the formulations, my favorite being the Aqualumiere. It's been awhile since I took one of those out of the makeup closet, and when I started using the new one, Zanzibar, I thought, why haven't I been using these more? I used to use almost only Chanel lipsticks once upon a time.

Lets face it Chanel is the ne plus ultra of lipsticks . They glide on, moisturize (in the Aqualumiere at least and nicely too,) last super long, and give you that little click to shut them with that double C logo.

The new colors pictured are from left to right: Naive( Rouge Allure), Zanzibar( Aqualumiere, and all I've worn that last few days), Mauritius (Aqualumiere), and Curious ( Rouge Allure).

Rose Flamingo and Leopard are not shown but also new.

Nordstrom has these now, look for them soon at your other counters.

Found at Target

Today at Target I stumbled upon 2 high end brands lurking on the sale shelf. They had 2 Philosophy Lemon Custard 3 in 1s for 8.00 each and 3 boxes of a Kiehls Microdermabrasion cream at 21.00.

What were these doing at Target??? I thought it really odd but happily grabbed a Lemon Custard which smells oh so good. I always love checking the sale shelves at Target for deals, you might want to hit yours to see if any of these have shown up.

If you find any good "gets" let me know.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

DKNY Charmingly Delicious

For summer DKNY fragrances have released what are being called Charmingly Delicious versions of Be Delicious and Red Delicious. It's been awhile since I smelled the orginals, so I can't compare too well, but I can tell you that these are fairly light and fresh.

Red Delicious Charmingly has berry notes and a touch of vanilla that I can smell. It's a bit more zippy than Be Delicous Charmingly.
Be Delicious is more green apple juice with what the company calls dewy watery notes.
I always liked Red Delicious more, and in these new versions, I still do. Both have their places and if you like one of the originals, you will like these as well.

The bottles are cute vintage looking( and flask like) and come with fun cell phone charms.
The Charmingly Delicious Collection will be out in April , and are LE.

Each bottle is 4.2 oz and $ 55.00

Friday, March 28, 2008

Makeup For Ever Mat Velvet +

Wore Makeup For Ever's Mat Velvet + foundation yesterday and today. Always looking at new Matte makeups, and needed to try this.

I was expecting serious matte but got a more muted, dewy matte. I don't do matte for dewy. This is a decent enough foundation but if you have oily areas it's not going to work. I got more shine with this than my non matte ones, on my T -Zone, and the warm air and humidity kicked up today.
The other dryer parts of may face were fine and it did last all day. It did not have the powdery finish described .
I felt the coverage could have been better on the T zone again, and more blendable. I can't say I'll keep it in the rotation. Perhaps the normal skinned ladies will have better luck.

I miss many of the old mattes that are discontinued but there are more to try. ( One of my favs is Bourjois Mat Lovely. A real matte,and still available).

So off to the next Matte makeup test- Chanel Mat Lumiere which from a quick sampling, I already love. I'll have more on that next week, after a full wearing.

Mat Velvet + is exclusive to Sephora and is $34.00

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode

At Fashion Week during the Eventide show I got to see the hairstylists working with this new Bumble and Bumble spray in a pink can. They were spraying long pieces of hair to help it stand out from the head. I didn't know what it was called until later, and found that it was a new launch coming soon.

Well soon is here and Spray de Mode is out. I was anxious to get my hair and hands on this. Meant to be a very flexible ,working spray, you can get all kinds of styles with it, but still have touchable hair. It is also quick drying for fast going with styling.

It is very light but has hold. I used it to get some texture and lift on my ends. When you need to, you can easily brush thru and it can be used with hot styling tools, perhaps the best part. You can spray parts of hair and then blow dry or flat iron for great style. It really does work. I passed some on to my longer haired mom who also has very damaged, fine hair. She is very much the hair guru, and if worked for her, it can for anyone. Many things make her hair sticky or hard. She sprayed on half dry hair, blew dry sections and was very impressed.

Bumble and Bumble have a special website just for Spray de Mode and it's pretty fun. You can see how they styled numerous people ( one of the ladies at left) using the spray and then adding special hats/ headwear by my favorite milliner Stephen Jones. He makes amazing hats and I want one from the shoot.

4 oz $15.00
10 oz $ 25.00

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Daria Werbowy for Lancome

Lancome's' spokesmodel Daria Werbowy now has her own line within the brand. Lots of neutrals make up the small collection, and proceeds will go to charity. The line debuts next month and is LE and exclusive to Sephora.

Physician's Formula Contest

Physician's Formula is giving away 1,000 of their new Eco friendly Organic Wear Blushes( even Eco Cert certified, which is really good), here are the details.

Good Luck, and if you win one, let me know.

"Starting at 12:00pm EST on Wednesday, March 26th, consumers can visit and enter to win a free Organic Wear Blush. The winners will receive an email with a printable coupon that they can bring to any participating Physicians Formula mass market and drugstore retailers to select their Organic Wear Blush shade – and will then walk out of the store with a free blush."

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Victoria's Secret Isle of Pink Perfume

Victoria's Secret is launching a new fragrance Isle of Pink, here's the details :

NEW! Isle of PINK
This spring, PINK girls are heading to the
exclusive Isle of PINK. It’s the latest limitededition
fragrance from Victoria’s Secret PINK,
and it’s the spring break vacation destination.
Think Caribbean beach club… with adorable
cabana boys. So what’s cool on the Isle of PINK? Iced Tulip and Raspberry Sorbet, two

Eau de Parfum 2.5 oz. $47
Shimmering Fragrance Mist 8.4 oz. $20

Top: Raspberry Sorbet, Pink Currant, Frozen
Mango, Sugar Apple, Coconut Water.
Middle: Iced Tulip, Heliotrope, Freesia
Water, Rose Nectar.

Dry-down: Sensual Amber, Cashmere Musk,
Vanilla Bean.
Available for a limited time only starting
March 2008.

all info :VS

Monday, March 24, 2008

Chanel Summer Collection

Chanel's summer collection looks quite yummy. I had hoped to have swatches of the new jade green mascara and green bronze eyeliners, they sound like major winners. If I get swatches soon , I will post them.

I remember wearing colored mascara years ago, and more recently have used Bourjois' purple one. Thats a not too bright one . Not sure how a green will look these days, but am willing to try it and see.
The collection hits counters next month.

FACE: For a summer face based on the ultimate bronze, CHANEL offers the new SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL Moisturizing Bronzing Powder in five versatile shades, plus BRONZE UNIVERSEL DE CHANEL Sun Illuminator.

EYES: Complement this sun-kissed skin tone with OMBRE ESSENTIELLE Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Tigre (bronze), Nomade (pink rose), Khaki (khaki green), and Safari (stone brown); amp up the shine with LUMIÈRES FACETTES Iridescent Effects Eyes in Oasis, a quad containing khaki, bronze, coral, and pink shimmer, or OMBRE D’EAU Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadow in Atoll (golden sand).

For long-lasting definition, STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF Long-Lasting Eyeliner comes in an exotic new shade, Vert Bronze (green bronze), while INIMITABLE WATERPROOF Mascara Multi-Dimensionnel is now available in Emeraude, a shimmering, jade-green.

LIPS: For warm-weather lips, ROUGE HYDRABASE Creme Lipstick arrives in
Leopard (golden coral) and Rose Flamingo (a flamingo pink); ROUGE ALLURE Luminous Satin Lip Colour keeps things soft with Naïve (pinkish nude) and Curious (nude brown).

AQUALUMIÈRE Sheer Colour Lipshine SPF15 adds a sheer shot of colour in Zanzibar (soft peach) and Mauritius (bronzed coral).
NAILS: For a final touch, LE VERNIS Nail Colour arrives in Antilope, a frosted golden-brown, and Flamingo, a bright tropical pink.

Available at department and specialty stores and on April 2008 ( Note: I hear it's at Nordstrom's now)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New items from Olay, more

Olay is launching some new products later this year. They are using a new moisturization processd detailed in the quote below. I think the Quench Mousse sounds really neat and fun, although all the petrolatum mentioned gives me some pause.

I am continually impressed with the quality of Olay products , though.

"To help with the hydration process beyond the surface level of the skin, the company has adjusted the formulas of a number of its products — select items from Cover Girl, Oil of Olay, Pantene and the Secret brands.

In order to "synergize the number of ingredients" in those brands, the company has maximized the effects of glycerin, petrolatum, niacinamide and amino acids.

For hair, P&G has devised a special combination of surfactants, silicones and polymer gel matrix.

The products with Aquacurrent Science will be shipping over the course of the summer beginning in late May and fully available by August.
New items that will be available include Regenerist Reversal Foaming Moisturizer and Deep Hydrating Mousse Cleanser, Quench Deep Moisture Body Lotion & Mousse and Olay Ribbons Body Wash, in addition to Secret Flawless Touch with Olay deodorant.

all info:wwd

Friday, March 21, 2008

MAC Heatherette

The Heatherette MAC collection hit stores/online yesterday. This is a very fun, girly, full of pink( packaging) group.

In the picture we have Heatherette Eyes Trio 1, with a fun jade green shade, $$$$$Yes Nail Polish, a grey silver shimmer, and right on trend for the next wave in nail color, Lollipop Loving lipstick, a light peach coral , Pink Pearl pigment which even though pink, reminds me a bit of Violet, and it doesn't go on quite as bright as the bottle looks, and the very nice Sock Hop lipgloss, a coral -peach , no shimmer, gloss.

One of my favorites items are the dual ended eyeliners. Each one comes with a regular liner at one end and a glitter one at the other.
The cases are very pink and the picture of the eye palette doesn't really show that. It's fuschia metal and has a very disco look.

Traditional M·A·C lipstick formula .
Lollipop Loving Clean mid-tone coral with subtle green iridescence (glaze)
Fleshpot Light neutral beige (satin)
Hollywood Nights Clean fuchsia pink (satin)
Melrose Mood Clean pastel pink (amplified)Suggested Retail Price $14.00 U.S./$16.00 CDN
Bonus Beat Sheer yellow beige with gold pearl (frost)
Sock Hop Soft mid-tone coral (cream)
Style Minx Clean fuchsia pink (frost)
Starlet Kiss Clean pastel pink (frost)Suggested Retail Price $14.00 U.S./$16.00 CDN

Heatherette Trio 1Mood Ring Pastel Mint Green (veluxe pearl)Cloud Burst True black with subtle green pearl (velvet)Hoppin’ Clean pastel peach (frost)Suggested Retail Price $32.50 U.S./$39.00 CDN
Heatherette Trio 2Baby Petals Pastel Pink (satin)V.I.P. Clean mid-tone yellow pink (velvet)Cassette Blackened eggplant purple (veluxe pearl)Suggested Retail Price $32.50 U.S./$39.00 CDN

A dual-edge pencil . Use separately,as a dual line, or layer one over the other for an intense finish.
Black Funk/Pop Blue True black/turquoise with silver glitter
Phone Me/Text Me Charcoal grey/metallic silver with silver glitter
Nighthawk/Front Row Coffee brown/neutral peach with gold glitter
FAB Orchid/Dash Lily Jewel-tone purple/mid-tone lavender withsilver glitter
Suggested Retail Price $16.00 U.S./$19.50 CDN
Reflects Gold Translucent glitter with gold reflection3D Silver Multi-reflective silver

Jardin Aires Gilded peach with silver reflect glitterPink Pearl Mid-tone pink with blue reflection
Smooth Harmony Medium golden bronze
Alpha Girl Pink with gold nuancesSuggested Retail Price $22.00 U.S./$26.50 CDN

A full-length upper lash featuring lush style, flirtatiouslength, and Diva-style glamour. Lashes are finishedin high-shine patent.
She’s Good
She’s Bad
Suggested Retail Price $11.00 U.S./$13.00 CDN
( Lipsticks, Glosses, Lashes ,Beauty powder, Eyeshadow Trios all LE)

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Soap

While perusing the Chanel site to look at and decide if I need to order one of the perfumes in parfum form( I surely don't), I came across this soap in my favorite Chanel scent Coco Mademoiselle. I know Coco M is overly worn and popular, but I love it.

Plus in my area it's certainly not over worn if worn at all. I don't really want to know what everyone wears with their hoodies and baseball caps around here but I digress.
I saw this soap and really want to check it out.It may not be that new, but I hadn't seen it before.
I need more shower stuff like I need more perfume, but 18.50 is a bargain for anything Chanel. You can't even get a lipstick for that. So it's expensive for soap, but not Chanel . It's all in the reasoning.If it smells even close to as good as the EDP, I may have to get it eventually. After I use all my other umpteen shower gels, etc. Well maybe after I use half of them.

One dear friend calls my shower the " buffet" due to all the items in there. She has fun when visiting getting to try all sorts of stuff.

Next visit to the Chanel counter, I plan to at least ask if they the soap available. Luckily for my wallet , I have to go farther than my nearest counter to get to the parfums.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Biolage Scalptherapie Cooling Mint Shampoo

It's always a bit tough when you have oily but color treated hair. You want clean but not stripping and you don't want super moisture either. I am lucky to have strong hair and the highlights may dry it a bit, but for me thats good.

Whenever someone sees my hair and then recommends shampoo it's always replenishing something or other with tons of oils. I can't use them, highlights or not. I do like shampoos that promote color rentention too, though. When I use a good one that takes care of hair and color, it's a big difference.

So I was happy to see this new Biolage Scalptherapie Cooling Mint Shampoo and conditioner for normal to oily hair , that really cleans the hair and is color safe.

After using it I was amazed. My hair felt so light and had more lift than it had in ages. As much as I was liking the scalp treating and color retaining shampoos I was using, I had no idea how much they were weighing my hair down.

The shampoo is also cooling just like it says with a good dose of peppermint. In the summer that will be welcome.

Scalptherapie is awesome, thats all I can say. It gets the hair and scalp clean, doesn't strip, and leaves it clean for days. You can get longer between washes and if you need a touch up there is separate product Oil Control Treatment to help mop up. My hair tends to get oily before my scalp( weird, I know) so that didn't work as well for me as others. I know that Kristen from Beauty Addict had great luck with this, per her post a bit back.

The whole line is available at salons and more info can be seen at :
including the details on the ingredients like green tea and mallow.

Shampoo is $ 14.00 for 13.5 oz
Conditioner 16.00 13.5 oz
Oil Control treatment $ 16.00 4.2 oz

Prescriptives Friends and Family Sale on now

Prescriptives is having their first ever Friends and Family sale. Through Mar. 21st use code FFSP8 to get 25 % off everything plus free shipping and one free sample.

A great deal, so shop while it lasts if you love this line, or have been wanting to try something out. (Online only deal).

I have my eye on this Anywhere Makeup Stick.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Escada Moon Sparkle for Women and Men

Escada released the 16th of their LE fragrances late last year called Moon Sparkle. For some reason I only recently saw and tried it. There is a version for men and women.

Moon Sparkle continues in the tradition of Island Kiss, Ibiza Hippie etc.

It is a very fruity scent with many fruit notes including strawberry and blaccurrant,then freesia and rose and a drydown of raspberry and amber. More than anything the berries showed up with a hint of muskiness.

The mens was better to me which is a bit odd. Although, the mens is based around vetiver, and despite once not liking it, I have started to like vetiver fragrances. The men's Escada is a nice mix of Vetiver and Citrus Fruits. It is light and great for summer.

One of the standout things about these scents are the gorgeous bottles. Gradient shades of purple topped by a silver cap. They look really nice.

The Escada fragrances are available at major department stores.

$ 52.0o 1.7 oz
$ 70.00 3.4 oz

$ 45.00 1.6oz
$ 55.00 3.3 oz

Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15

One of Clinique's newest products is the Almost Powder makeup. Made in Japan from a company known for their powders , from a special triple pressing process and finely milled, Almost Powder has some mineral makeup like properties.

This is a very dry powder, it's not for the dry skinned. For us oily skinned gals, it's a good foundation powder. It goes on a bit , well, powdery. You have to give it a bit of time to sink in, but then it becomes a nice, light to medium coverage foundation. I like the way it looks after about a half hour. Very sheer and natural almost. Come the high humidity of summer is when I think this will work best. It is tested to resist heat and humidity and keep the oilness at bay . Thats good, and so far it has done a fine job, but summer will tell the tale.

I used it with both the sponge included and my kabuki brush. I think both ways work well, but the sponge is fine by me. More coverage and what I am used to using. It's a perfect compact to have along for touch ups as well.

Clinique has always done nice powder foundations. I used the Super Powder Double Powder for years a long while back. I had trouble like many getting the Perfectly Real compact to match my skintone, but I liked the coverage.

I also noticed no oxidation with this, another good point. The color it goes on , is the color it stays.

Almost Powder retails for 22.50 and comes in 6 shades.

If you live in the Mid Atlantic general area, Boscovs Department stores are having a bonus now, as is Douglas Cosmetics. Best to buy when a bonus. Who doesn't want a few extras ?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Lancome Christopher Kane Juicy Tubes

Lancome LE Juicy Tubes from super hot UK designer Christopher Kane are in stores now. Each named for a international destination the colors are :

*Red Hot New York
*Fifth Avenue Frosting
*Copacabana Coffee
*Rio Mango
*Grand Café Crème Brûlée
*Moulin Rose
*Paris Bubbly
*Tokyo Plum Blossom
*Peach Mochi

Suggested Retail Price: $18.00

(Grand Cafe Creme Brulee is looking good to me.)

The Lancôme Christopher Kane Juicy Tubes are available at, the five Lancôme boutiques, specialty stores and counters nationwide. Please note that four shades quickly sold out in a matter of days on the Lancôme website. Those shades are still available offline.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Body Serum

Next month Boots is releasing the Body Serum version of their hugely popular Restore and Renew Facial Serum. It uses the same formulation of ingredients as the face serum.

In 4 weeks time of daily use, the serum is supposed to give you more even skin tone, firmness and radiance.

I have been using No7 Protect and Perfect Serum for almost 2 weeks. I haven't managed daily use, but it's pretty close. Enough time hasn't gone by for me to say if the serum does all it is supposed to, but I can tell you that I really like it. A Boots fan since wandering happily in their shops in London, I was one of those thrilled to see it come stateside.

The body serum is a silky gel- cream that goes on easily and dries super fast. That makes it great for using and then dressing. No tackiness on your clothes. It is more moisturizing than it would seem at first glance. This is a serum, so it's not super moisture, but plenty enough for normal days. If it's 10 degree wind chill, well you may need more.

It also has a pleasantly soft smell of rosewater, somewhat like Crabtree and Evelyn's Rosewater products. Now I love that smell, so it's a plus for me.

The serum also seems to have a cooling feeling, which will be especially nice in the warmer weather.
Overall I am loving this and see it becoming a staple for me. Even if it firms a little, I'll be happy( ok , really happy, firming is good ).

The serum will be Target stores in April and will sell for 21.99 for a 6.76 ounce bottle.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

MAC Beauty Powder Blush

MAC's new LE Beauty Powder blushes launch Thursday. These are high pigment, super smooth blushes. Pictured are 4 from the collection,

I have been a MAC blush fan for a really long time, and they are almost the only ones I use. They never fade or wear off. This is a collection I have been looking forward to.

The blushes do pack a punch. When they say more pigment, they mean it. So far I have found Joyous to be to my liking. A bright peach in the manner of NARS Torrid ( which I also recently got,but more orange )it gives a very awake look. I just blend powder on top. True Romantic is a lighter shade for the palest out there.
The ones shown clockwise from top left: Sweetness, True Romantic, Serenely( a gorgeous brick red ), and Joyous.

They retail for 17.50 each
The whole line:

Shy Beauty Pastel apricot with gold pearl (satin)
Feeling Dirty plum with silver pearl (satin)
Sweetness Intense blue pink (satin)
Joyous Peach with gold pearl (satin)
True Romantic Mid-tone pink with silver pearl (satin)
Serenely Deep brownish red with gold pearl (satin)
Eversun Neutral peach bronze with gold pearl (satin)
Secret Blush Dirty neutral plum with gold pearl (satin)

I have also been loving the new tinted lip conditioners. Loved them when they first came out, now we have new shades with shimmer, so even better. These will never be my beloved Tendertones, but they sure are nice. Very sheer, but with several applications and a blotting between, I got some good color and lasting power.

Pictured is Strobe Current and Strobe Kiss.
These are on counters now. $ 14.50

pics: the beautyalchemist

Monday, March 10, 2008

Chanel Stockings

When a Chanel show goes on there are always many things one sees that they love. At this recent Fall show it was something small. The models wore these fun , 2 colored stockings that I just love.

I love odd pattern stockings, and these with one side each color are just perfect. I don't even want to know how much they are, but can hope that someone knocks them off cheaper soon.
Isn't the whole show set pretty fab too? Think they'll let me come live in it ?

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

On the eve of the next Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions, I want to take a detour from my usual posts, and talk about some of the great ladies who are NOT in the Hall. After all it is also Women's History Month .

Madonna is being inducted tomorrow, sorry to her fans, but a less rock and roll lady I can't imagine. Well ok Lindsey Lohan maybe. Yes Madonna has been influential to some, but she is as pure pop as it gets. I like pop, but thats not rock, Sometimes it clearly crosses over, others not.

So lets looks at some rocker gals who have yet to be considered.

Heart- seriously, who can not say these ladies don't rock. yes some of those 80s song went pop, but they had some edge,and the early stuff (Baracuda anyone ?) kicked ... umm butt. They had guitars and a voice that shines, and rocked, case closed.

Joan Jett- a more fierce female rocker isn't out there. Never a huge commercial success except for those famous ones, she is still out there doing her thing and deserves to be in for " I Love Rock and Roll " alone. It could be that hall theme song after all.

Pat Benatar- She has gone in and out of pop at times, but she kicks it.Her early albums were seminal for me, even at a young age. In her leather and red lips, looking pretty and like she could hurt you at the same time, she was one of the first women to show us youngsters that we could be gals and not girly. " You Better Run" indeed.
Joan Baez- Until I decided to do this piece, I didn't even realize she wasn't already in there. Way before my time, but an icon . She has been the ringleader for long. How can she not be in there?

Now I remember when there was such a stink for years that Black Sabbath wasn't being inducted. Right. So where is the righteous indignation on behalf of these ladies? Thankfully Blondie and Chrissie Hynde finally made it, but lets hope that wasn't a bone thrown to the ladies who wait in the wings.

Madonna can't even be bothered to show up apparently.

Any thoughts ?? Let me know and thanks for indulging a little off topic rant.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming- new fragrance

Last week I told you about the new Dreaming of You interactive website launched in conjunction with the new Tommy Hilfiger fragrance. Now I have tried the perfume itself.

Different from past Hilfiger offerings this is bit less girly than the others. It is more floral, with a nice peach scent. Not a cloying peach, just a faint note tempered by the white florals. The other notes are freesia, tuberose, white hibiscus, white woods, orris.

Dreaming has medium sillage and good lasting power. It is soft and would make a good everyday scent. It's nice that it comes in a parfum and a rollerball. The rollerball has a nice sheer starwberry tinted lipgloss on the other side to make it very handy.

Dreaming is available now at Macys

0.5 oz/15ml Parfum $125.00
1.0 oz/ 30ml EDP Spray $35.00
1.7 oz/50 ml EDP Spray $45.00
3.4 oz/100ml EDP Spray $60.00
Limited Edition Dreaming Lipgloss/Rollerball Duo 5ml/4.6ml $20.00
Limited Edition Dreaming Solid Perfume Pendant 3g $45.00

Dreaming of You site:

Thursday, March 6, 2008

MAC Strobe in stores today

MAC Strobe is on counters today. This collection is all about highlights for the face, and brand new lip conditioner sticks.


Blending soft focus diffusers with iridescent pigments, this ultra-fluid strobe formula produces a soft, radiant light on the skin, reducing the appearance of skin imperfections by providing a natural-looking glow. Refreshing. Spreads on smoothly and absorbs quickly. Leaves the skin looking healthier and more radiant. A lighter weight addition to the popular strobe cream.
Suggested Retail Price $29.50 U.S./$38.00 CDN

Suggested Retail Price $29.50 U.S./$38.00 CDN

Formulated with Strobe Pearl, this luxurious lip conditioner combines sheer soft light-quenched colour with broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF15 protection and moisture.
Strobe Kiss- Sheer coral with a golden strobe pearl
Strobe Rays -Light caramel with golden red strobe pearl
Strobe Blossom -Light blue/pink with red strobe pearl
Strobe Current- Sheer plum with golden red strobe pearl
Strobe Beam- Clear with strobe pearl
Suggested Retail Price $14.50 U.S./$17.50 CDN

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Linden Leaves

Linden Leaves is a natural, skincare company located in New Zealand. After reading several pieces about their Gold body oil, I wanted to test drive this line. I still haven't decided if I want the Gold oil, but there are other things that I plan on buying.

Right now I am using the Daily Facial Moisture. I have to say that this is awesome. I try and test so many things, but I keep coming back to this since I like it so much. It is very light, no heaviness or greasiness, smells citrus- herby and fresh and seems to brighten my skin. It's basic and gets the job done. The moisturizer contains comfrey, aloe vera, sesame oil, neroli essential oil, and Vitamin C. This is definitely a perfect all around face moisturizer if you have normal to oily skin. Dry skin may need something more emollient.

Linden Leaves uses pure water pulled from underground in New Zealand, as well as many other ingredients sourced from the lush countyrside of the country. Having had a friend who lived in NZ all her life until a few years ago, and seeing all the amazing photos she sent, I can say that it is a country with good soil and water, and attuned to a natural way.
The company has many other great sounding products which I plan to order. First off is the tuberose linen spray. I have visons of my linens smelling like Fracas, can you imagine ? Although , no doubt, this tuberose is a bit more green and soft.

Then there are the Body Oils. Look how beautiful that bottle is filled with flowers. They put the flowers in individually by hand, and then add the oil. The oil comes in 4 different scents.( Shown in Memories)

There is far more on their website, both to buy and information. The US headquarters in in Florida.

Website for ordering is

Tuberose Linen Spray $ 26.95, 4.3 oz

Body Oil $ 29.95, 8.4 fl oz

Daily Facial Moisture $ 36.95, 2.1 oz

Monday, March 3, 2008

La Mer Cleansing Gel

One of the wonderful benefits of the semi -annual sniffapaloozas is the great gift bag . The down side is you find many new products that you love, but that are a bit pricey too.

Most samples are fragrance, but we get some skincare and cosmetics thrown in there too. Last time was a very generous sample of La Mer's cleansing gel. Instead of saving it for eons like I do so many samples, (usually until they are too old to use, anyone else do this ?), I decided to use this one quickly.

Yes, I love it. Love it. It removes makeup really well, has a fresh clean scent that is faint, lathers but not too much, and leaves my face feeling nice. No tightness or dryness. Ok it's perfect.
It seems La Mer has been on blog charming mission lately as Blogdorf Goodman raved about the Lip Balm in her year end list, and Makeup Bag loved the Cleansing Foam in a post a few weeks back.

We all lament the prices.

The Cleansing gel is 65.00 for 6.7 oz.
available at specialty department stores.

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cruel Gardenia by Guerlain

I had the pleasure of trying the new Guerlain perfume Cruel Gardenia last month. I only got a small dab on my hand, and I remember only bits of it, but it was very pretty and new, so here it is.

Unlike many gardenia fragrances, this is not a big, creamy fragrance. The gardenia is minimal and soft. To my nose( and memory) there was some violet, green notes, and rose. What I do remember is thinking it incredibly elegant and a fragrance that would always be just right. Any occasion: office, dinner, shopping , this one fragrance would be perfect. Since the Art et Matiere line which this belongs to is quite pricey( $ 225.00), it's good to know you could buy this one scent and have all things covered. Of course if like me, you need/want many scents, well that doesn't apply.

I have not yet decided if I want a full bottle of this. I am thinking more like a decent size decant. It was stunning, but not more than some of my current favorites in my collection.

Here's what the Osmoz site has to say :

"This spring, discover a new fragrance in Guerlain’s L’Art et la Matière collection. After last year’s Iris Ganache, this year the house unveils Cruel Gardenia, a white bouquet designed by Randa Hammami / Symrise in collaboration with Sylvaine Delacourte. No honeyed notes or heady accents of tuberose here, the house points out. No, the ‘cruel’ side is ‘a presence that you’re not aware of, that sneaks up on you’: the bewitching character, shaded with ‘a delicious, almost painful nostalgia.’ Cruel Gardenia is a sun-drenched gardenia with a ‘cottony aura’ due to a peach-neroli accord, ylang-ylang, musks and a ‘sensual, sandalwoody vanille’."

Cruel Gardenia is currently on wait list at Bergdorf Goodman. I am not sure of status at other boutiques which include San Francisco( Saks I think) and France Pavilion at Epcot in Disney.