Monday, October 30, 2023

Payot Lisse Skincare Cream and Serum

It's been awhile since I used Payot @payotus skincare but back when I did I loved it. Still do. Payot, if you're not familiar is a historic over 100 year old French brand most often found in their famous pharmacies but also available here in the US via their website.

Two new products housed in the signature curved glass containers are the Plumping Booster Serum and Wrinkle Smoothing Cream from their Lisse line. The Mom has been asking for a new moisturizing cream so that went right to her. I went with the serum.

The Wrinkle Smoothing Cream is a lovely, light but very moisturizing, whipped feel traditional face cream with hyaluronic acid , glycerin and herbal extracts like wild pansy Mom loves it. She said it's not greasy or heavy and does seem to smooth some.

The Plumping Booster Serum is neat in that it's a jarred serum and has a bouncy gel cream feel to it. It's very lightly moisturizing, and dries fast making it great for under makeup or under the cream. It has a higher dose of hyaluronic acid according to the brand along with herbal extracts . This has been nice for the warmer weather, it's very humid here so I only use a serum .

Both of these are fragranced, it's a soft herbal floral scent , not too strong but not light either. Very soothing and fresh I think .

Payot uses varying percentages of natural origin ingredients in their products, the actual number is noted on the boxes which are made of recycled paper and the Lisse jars of 20 % recycled glass.

These are bringing a certain touche à la français to our vanities and I'm here for it.

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The cream and serum are $58 each. 

The Serum 


Sunday, August 27, 2023

Burberry Goddess

Goddess is the new Burberry scent and it's going to be their newest pillar fragrance.  The vanilla and lavender scent comes in a hefty square bottle which reminds me of a few men's fragrances and the medallion is metal not a label . 

Like florals for spring, vanilla and lavender isn't reinventing the wheel, but it's also a popular combo. 
I personally am not a big vanilla fan. Most people are but I'm fine with to being the odd woman out.  It isn't the first time. Maybe I don't love vanilla but I knew this was going to be a big release into fall and so I still wanted to try it. 

It is very vanilla right off but not as much a creamy gourmand one. Lighter and less foody, even a bit sharp,  but still very much vanilla. They say they have used 3 different vanillas ( one per the perfumer Amandine Clerc- Marie   is "  Firgood™ , also known as vanilla caviar, used for the first time in a fragrance. This innovative new ingredient adds a sweet, rich, and animalic vanilla) along with the lavender and  it also smells somewhat woodsy. Warm woods along with some super light ginger . The lavender does show up as an aromatic waft throughout  but isn't strong. 

There are other scents out there with  a similar scent profile. I don't have many of those handy so I can't compare but if you do and give this a sniff, I'd love to hear  your thoughts. 

Goddess is pretty enough and leans a little masculine at times. Sillage is medium.   I think it  will blossom more in the cold when it will be cozier but regardless, it will be popular .   

It does come in a purse size which I'm always for and the bottle is refillable. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Chanel Douceur D'Equinoxe Blush Duos - Fall 2023

 Chanel's new blushes for Fall are that pretty. They know how to pull us in . Douceur D' Equinoxe are blush duos with a separate  shade in the double C. There are 2 colorways -  Beige Rose et Mauve and Beige et Corail.  Both are very wearable and spot on for the season. The pigment is medium and buildable., These don't go on with bold color payoff but aren't light either. They are a satin finish with the tiniest bit of shimmer that doesn't show too much on skin. 

The leaves are embossed in and not an overspray. They are really nicely done . 

There are two new nail shades as well and this one is a perfect pumpkin orange called  Ete Indien. 


Thursday, June 8, 2023

Blue Lizard Sheer Lotion Sunscreen


The Memorial Day weekend is here in the US and it's become the signal that summer is here or almost here. It means being outside more, sunnier days and lots of sunscreen.

I've been trying out the Blue Lizard @bluelizardsunscreen line of mineral based sunscreens . I have the Sheer Lotion versions for Face and Body Broad Spectrum 50+ with blue light protection.
These are both a pretty thick sunscreen. You will feel them on until they are rubbed in but once set they don't feel super heavy and they blend in easily. There is a slight white cast initially but that does fade. I'm pretty fair so once I rubbed them in and a few minutes went by, I didn't notice much of a cast on me. The box does say " dries clear" and for a heavy mineral SPF I think they do pretty well in that area.

I haven't used them on my face as these are very moisturizing, so even the face one will be too much for my oily, sticky face in summer. They both have shea butter, aloe leaf juice , papaya, ginko and cucumber extracts, and vegetable, marula and rosa canina seed oils. That makes them both very creamy and adding a good bit of moisture along with SPF. I love using them ( yes the face one too) on my arms especially because there I can use the moisture .

The Face SPF is titanium dioxide 9% and zinc 6% face
The Body SPF is titanium dioxide 9% and zinc 8%

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Altaia Any Day Now Perfume


Any Day Now is the newest from Altaia,  celebrating the 150 year history in Argentina between the two families of the husband and wife team behind the brand.

Any Day Now is a spicy rose, a favorite scent type for me.  It's a
dark rose mixed with musk , woods and spice . A  rich rose at the beginning with a sharp tone to it at times. This is a rose with edge. Her thorns haven't been stripped away but she's not super prickly either. 

The woods  and the rose mingle pretty equally most of the time . Think of  roses nestled into the fallen logs of  cedar ringed woods and you get the idea.   By the full drydown it's a softer scent wearing closer to the skin, ambery rose with less bite and the patchouli giving it some warmth and depth.  
A romantic scent. One for an assured grown up.

In the US exclusive to @beautyhabit .

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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Gucci Eternite De Beaute Luminous Matte Finish Foundation


Gucci has released a new foundation , it's matte like the previous formula but this time a luminous matte- Eternite De Beaute 24HR Wear Breathable Foundation Luminous Matte Finish

I have the older version Fluide de Beaute Fini Naturel so I can tell you they are different. It does look like maybe the Fini Naturel is being phased out too as it's not showing up many place for sale. The new version has a cream colored cap where the older is the Gucci pink that a lot of their packaging sports.

The new Eternite De Beaute Luminous Matte foundation is a beauty . I like it better than the former version. It is what it says - luminous and matte. Not a flat matte and not a dry matte which the earlier version was a little . This one gives you a good glow up without any shimmer, pearl or mica. There's no actual shine you just look brightened. It is full coverage , I don't even feel the need for concealer even under my eyes. That area could have used a little but without it , just the foundation, it was still pretty good.

The formula has glycerin early on in the ingredient list and hyaluronic acid further down . So it does have hydrators and that gives it a more creamy feel on the face than some mattes. It wears very well, the longwear claim is true, without oxidizing and or fading all day. I did feel like I have makeup on , it's lightweight but not a barely there feeling. Again this is truly full coverage though and I love a full coverage foundation so it works for me.

This will be my warm weather foundation , it is a little more matte than I can use right now , my skin is combo but drier in the non T Zone areas . This needs a good moisturizer beforehand if you're not oily. If you are you'll be fine as is. In Summer this will be spot on for my humidity sticky, oilier skin.

Gucci rarely disappoints with their makeup and this is another win in my beauty book.

*gifted, sample from brand*