Sunday, August 27, 2023

Burberry Goddess

Goddess is the new Burberry scent and it's going to be their newest pillar fragrance.  The vanilla and lavender scent comes in a hefty square bottle which reminds me of a few men's fragrances and the medallion is metal not a label . 

Like florals for spring, vanilla and lavender isn't reinventing the wheel, but it's also a popular combo. 
I personally am not a big vanilla fan. Most people are but I'm fine with to being the odd woman out.  It isn't the first time. Maybe I don't love vanilla but I knew this was going to be a big release into fall and so I still wanted to try it. 

It is very vanilla right off but not as much a creamy gourmand one. Lighter and less foody, even a bit sharp,  but still very much vanilla. They say they have used 3 different vanillas ( one per the perfumer Amandine Clerc- Marie   is "  Firgood™ , also known as vanilla caviar, used for the first time in a fragrance. This innovative new ingredient adds a sweet, rich, and animalic vanilla) along with the lavender and  it also smells somewhat woodsy. Warm woods along with some super light ginger . The lavender does show up as an aromatic waft throughout  but isn't strong. 

There are other scents out there with  a similar scent profile. I don't have many of those handy so I can't compare but if you do and give this a sniff, I'd love to hear  your thoughts. 

Goddess is pretty enough and leans a little masculine at times. Sillage is medium.   I think it  will blossom more in the cold when it will be cozier but regardless, it will be popular .   

It does come in a purse size which I'm always for and the bottle is refillable. 

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