FTC Disclosure Statement

The FTC has made new regulations as of late 2009 and bloggers are now required to have a disclosure statement. What this means is that we need to let you, the readers , know that we often get samples for review from PR companies or brand reps.

My statement:

I do often receive review samples of products. In order to be current and get the reader the information as fast as I can, samples are a part of the way to do that. Getting a review sample in no way colors what I say in my posts and it never will. I am an extremely up front and honest person and that extends to my blog. If I love a product, I truly love it. And as a total product junkie, there are few I don't love. So you will see far more nice reviews than not, simply because I like so much of what crosses my desk. Not everything, though, and that will be reflected in my post if it's the case.

All the things said on this blog are my own words. If I quote a company, the quote marks are there to make that distinction.