Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Naturopathica Oat & Calendula Soothing Jelly Mist

Face mists have become one of my favorite products. I rarely used them up until about a year or so ago, now I spritz away.   In Winter they add moisture and help make makeup look a little dewy and "set" , in Summer they refresh, cool and set. 

Naturopathica's Oat & Calendula Soothing Jelly Mist is my newest. 
Despite jelly in the name this is a mist and not thick but they do say it shake it before using as there is a probiotic component.  

In addition to the oat and calendula , which are both known to soothe inflammation in skin , making this especially nice right now after a day in the sun,  there are lavender and rose flower waters,  hyaluronic acid and aloe leaf powder.

It's refreshing  and soothing with a light herbal fragrance and adds just a little extra moisture.  I really want to pop this in the fridge as I bet it will be even better when chilled  . The bottle is plastic so it's lightweight making it easy to toss in a purse or bag to have at hand all day. I'll just be over here having a mist sesh, thanks. 

I also tried their Oat Cleansing Facial Polish . This is the face scrub for drier skins. Yes there are jojoba beads in there but not a lot so the scrub action is light and the cleanser itself is so creamy that it cleans , removes makeup but never feels tight or dry. Aloe Leaf Juice is the first ingredient, followed by Sunflower Seed Oil . Skin is soft after use.  In fact, while I am really liking this , right now in the heat my skin gets oilier and this is almost too creamy. Come Fall it'll be perfect. 

Naturopathica Oat & Calendula Soothing Jelly Mist is $ 34 at Naturopathica

Oat Cleansing Facial Polish is $31- 62