Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pavillon Des Fleurs by Septimanie Perfume

Pavillon Des Fleurs is a new perfume from a Philadelphia area designer of pleasure gardens. I had the pleasure of meeting Jean of Septimanie, and she was very sweet.

A lot of thought clearly went into this fragrance, from the scent to the price point.( She noted that she wanted to make a price point that wouldn't put off the men who may buy for their SO, but at the same time be in the right range for a niche scent without going too extreme.)

It's a very jasmine scent , very floral, all lady. It's not hard to see that one who loves and creates gardens had a hand in it. In the beginning you get such a burst of the jasmine, and some lily but after you reach the drydown it becomes a soft floral, with hints of the sandlewood coming out.

From the website :

"Luminous and supremely sensual, Pavillon des Fleurs is a radiant bouquet of white flowers. Laden with Egyptian jasmine and velvety ylang-ylang from the Comores Islands and refined with ethereal notes of lily of the valley and orange blossom, this timeless composition is elegantly rounded off with sophisticated notes of iris, English leather, and a delicate hint of cloves."

The composition she notes "resembles a garden in full bloom". Not much could be better than that.

Available at Aedes, Takashimaya, Colonial Drug In Cambridge, Mass, and First in Fragrance in Germany

$ 110.00 for 50 ml EDP.

Monday, April 28, 2008

YSL Pont Des Amours Fragrance

Each year Yves St. Laurent has been releasing a companion to their original Paris fragrance. This year brings Pont Des Amours. It comes in the traditional Paris bottle but with a faceted, iridescent look.

The original scent has always been a favorite, and I well remember getting a bottle not long after it came out. I haven't had the chance to sniff these counterparts, but they get high ratings from most. Each year notes are tweaked and added. One year brought violets. This year Pont Des Amours adds orange blossom among others. It sounds wonderful.

Here is the info from YSL on the notes:

It opens with the tender notes of rosebuds that symbolize the morning, enriched with fresh violet and softened with orange blossom.

The tenderness this new composition of dawn continues in the middle note with elegant, full-bloomed rose. Exquisitely paired with petals of jasmine and lily of the valley, the voluptuous rose of May underscores the irresistible femininity of the fragrance.

The bottom note is replete with soft musks accompanied by a sensual sandalwood note that completes the refinement"

Retail is 4.2 oz 55.00 ( a large bottle for that price point)

Acqua Di Parma Blue Mediterranean Skincare

One of my favorite fragrance lines has come out with skincare. When in NY for the Sniffapalooza, I made a beeline to Acqua Di Parma to try it out.

The Blue Mediterranean Italian Resort line is pure luxury in a jar and who doesn't want to bring some of an Italian Resort into their lives? I may not get to Amalfi but I can have these pretty potions that echo it. ( sorry if that sounds like prepped PR stuff, but that was really me and my wordy mind)

Blue Mediterranean Repairing Balm is a super sleek creamy gel that sinks right into your skin with no greasy after feel, and has the most wonderful scent. It does a bang up job of moisturizing . It can be used for sunburns and any other skin irritations not just as a face product. It's the summer essential.

I haven't yet bought it but am so tempted. I have a lot of skincare items I need to use, but this is really lovely.
I am am quite in love with line's eye cream as well.
Repairing Balm is 1.6 ounces for 61.00, contains a Mediterranean Oxygenating Complex®, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E.

The Italian Resort line also has a Body Nourisher, Delicate Pumice Scrub,and Radiant Cream.

You can view and buy at

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Urban Decay Friendsand Family Sale

Urban Decay and Hard Candy are having their Friends and Family sale through April 30th.

The code is FFA30

They now take paypal as well.

Friday, April 25, 2008

New Essie Neon Nails

Essie has coming soon new Neon nail polishes that complement the warmer days, pedicures especially.( Although I would totally do these on my fingernails too.)

New Neon collection with (from left to right) Mini Shorts, Bermuda Shorts, Short Shorts, and Shorty Pants.

$8, available June 1st at

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Revlon nabs Gucci Westman

In breaking beauty news Revlon has announced that celeb makeup artist Gucci Westman will be their new Global Artistic Director. Westman was unitl recently at Lancome and created some famous and well loved collections for the line including those pret- a - porter lipsticks.
Personally, I have thought Revlon in need of a re- branding for a long time, so lets hope this does the trick.

Here's what Gucci has to say :

"There's never been more pressure to deliver better product for less money," Westman said in an interview with the Daily. "Based on my experience with Lancôme, which was really, really, great, I learned a lot about how a global prestige brand works. I realized that with Revlon, it's working with more a mass brand and a completely new consumer, but the woman still wants something she'll be happy to pull out of her handbag." Westman continued, adding that she hopes to apply elements from her own soul and European sensibility to the brand. "Because I'm American and Swedish, I'm cultured in that sense," she said. "Hopefully I'll help Revlon bring it back to being the iconic brand that I remember Charlie Girl ads. It was the girl I wanted to because she wasn't frigid; she was confident.

MAC Naughty Nauticals and Skinsheen

MAC Naughty Nauticals collection , and Skinsheen Bronzers hit counters May 1st.
Naughty's colors are not really for my coloring, but if you like a good red lip or teal eye then this is the one for you. My good friend who always rocks the red lip .
Skinsheen looks right up my alley. I need color in a big way.These are transfer resistant and last for days thru washings.

The tips for using them from MAC's exec. director of product development are :

"It’s good for up to 2 washings. It’s highly water-resistant formula. Special polymers allow for up to 2 washings. The best way to wash it is warm water + soap. The warm water will release the hold the polymers have on the skin

It’s not transfer-proof, but highly transfer resistant. Provided skin is not overly moisturized underneath, it will stay on and not move. You have to wait for it to dry down completely before coming into contact with clothing. But we’ve heard from models (when we tested it backstage 2 years ago at Rosa Cha and Michael Kors) that it was exceptionally transfer resistant. Works best when put on naked skin, not moisturized skin. The combo of silicones is actually conditioning to the skin!"

Skinsheen will be 22.50

Naughty Nauticals Color List:
Lipstick :
Buoy-o-Buoy Creamy neutral pink brown (lustre)
Port Red Clean yellow red with gold pearl (frost)
Party Mate Sheer mid-tone pink (lustre)
Ahoy, there! Sheer light dirty pink with multi-dimensional pearl (glaze)

Hey Sailor Blue plum pink with white pearl flecks (lustre)
Love Knot Sheer pink with blue & white duo chrome (lustre)
Bateaux Neutral brown peach with white frost (lustre)
Ensign Peachy pink with white and gold pearl (lustre)

Small Eye Shadow :
Shore Leave Pale frosty cream (veluxe pearl)
Illegal Cargo Mid-tone frosty grayed plum (frost)
Meet the Fleet Matte midnight blue (matte)
Pandamonium Frosty gunmetal with white pearl (lustre)
Submarine Mid-tone frosty clear blue (frost)

Pigment :
Lark About Sheer frosty white blue (frost)
Mutiny Clean sky blue with gold pearl (frost)
Bell-Bottom Blue Frosty blue with white pearl (frost)
Lovely Lily Dirty lilac with red pearl

Technakohl :
Smoothblue Ocean blue with frost
Greyprint Rich pewter grey with frost

Pro Lash :
Coal Black Honest-to-goodness-black

Nail Lacquer
Naughty Nauticals Dark royal blue (frost)
Shirelle Classic "she’s a dame" red (cream)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bobbi Brown Beach Fragrance Collection

As I sniffed and applied the Bobbi Brown body lotion in Beach yesterday, I kept thinking, how have I missed this before? I love fragrance and especially this kind of fragrance. Many of us think of Bobbi Brown as just makeup I guess. It's time to get thee to the Beach, because this is one pretty scent.

Beach is basically vintage Coppertone amped up and in a bottle, with a touch of mandarin orange. It smells like the most delicious summer memory. It is sand, sun, surf, sea air, salt water. In other words- good stuff. If you love some of the other beach-y, seaside inspired scents out there, you will love this.

I am also loving the Sandbar soap. It was LE and is back for summer visit. One whiff of it is enough to lift my spirits, It has a strong scent. It also happens to be a neat exfoliating soap, not too harsh and very creamy as well. It is a good size bar ,so it will last.Yes I am gushing here, but I can't help. I love this stuff.
I want the scented sunscreen next and maybe the body oil. PS The lotion while not natural, has at least, no parabens.

Right now for a time, there is special promotion . One version is online, the other in store.

Online : receive a complimentary Mini Beach Tote with your $50 order on products in Bobbi's best-selling beach Fragrance or In-Sun Collections. Stock it with your favorite products for the ultimate Mother's Day or hostess gift. Enter offer code: BEACH08 at checkout.* Measures 6.3"L x 3.8"W x 6

In Store counters :Buy any 2 beach products and get the free tote.
The fragrance is 1.7 oz $ 55.00
Sunscreen 6.7 oz $25.00
Sandbar Soap 4.4 oz $ 16.00
Body Lotion 6.7 oz $ 35.00

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Victorias's Secret Heavenly Kiss Fragrance

Victoria's Secret will be launching an addition to their Dream Angels perfume line next month.

Here are the details:
"Heavenly Kiss is the newest addition to the Dream Angels fragrance collection. Inspired by Dream Angels Heavenly, America’s #1 Fragrance, Heavenly Kiss is fresh, sexy, and totally of-the moment. The scent is perfect for springtime romance, featuring notes of vanilla accord wrapped in succulent fruits and vibrantly fresh florals."

The Notes:
TOP: Red Berry, Red Currant,
MIDDLE: Freesia Petals, Guava,
Apricot Nectar, Jasmine
DRY-DOWN: Soft Vanilla, Creamy
Woods, English Toffee, Marshmallow,
Sensual Musk

Physician's Formula Earth Day Giveaway

Happy Earth Day .

Physician's Formula is having a special giveaway of 1,000 bronzers just for today. The link goes live at Noon EST.

Good Luck, and remember to recycle.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Olay Body Quench Mousse

It's time for a drugstore find post. Saw this mousse talked about in some trade magazines awhile back and knew I had to try it once it hit stores.
It just sounded like a fun product, and it is.( Olay is really stepping up their game lately aren't they?)

The Quench Mousse is a good moisturizer and as long as it's not the dead of winter cold, will work well. It's not heavy or greasy and sinks in fast. I noticed very little scent. I think it's a great one for these warmer months. You do end up needing a good bit each time you use it, so it will most likely not last as long as a bottled kind.

Retail averages 6.99 depending on where you buy it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Total Beauty Totally Green Sweepstakes

Total beauty is giving away a free Saturn Vue hybrid as part of their Totally Green initiative. Click on the image to get to the sweepstakes page. Good Luck.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gwyneth Paltrow's Iron Man Look from Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder did all the looks for their spokesmodel Gwyneth Paltrow in her new move Iron Man( One of summer's predicted blockbusters)

These details tell you how to get the look for your own and enter a contest to win a screening of Iron Man in your hometown or a wealth of EL products.

Friday, April 18, 2008

St. Judes Hospital Gala Info

St. Judes is having a lavish fundraising gala next week. Always a good cause, I am posting the info here, just in case anyone is in the area and wants to attend.( and hey, I just love Marlo Thomas too, she's great)

Here's the info and invite:

Our second annual St. Jude fashion event will feature the stunning looks of the award winning Marchesa ( and will be hosted by top Hollywood stylist and actor, Phillip Bloch. Celebrities expected to attend the event: Molly Sims, Iman, Lydia Hearst, Ivanka Trump, Vince Curatola, Tony Sirico, Diane Kruger, Fabiola Beracasa, Alana De La Garza, Olivia Palermo and Michelle Monaghan. Models from IMG, Fords and Marilyn will walk the runway.
The fabulous gift bags feature items from MAC, Brooks Brothers, Sarar, Maybelline, David Barton Gym, Warren-Tricomi Salon and many more. The VIP gift suite will have special items for our VIP guests from Stila, Sarar, Skagen, and Elemis. Check out highlights from last years event:
If you would like to buy tickets, or make a donation, please visit or call 212-239-3239.

Fragrance Mess

I am not up to writing any kind of other post at the moment. I am beside myself, and thought, what the heck, why not share .

I came into the room last night to find that somehow my most treasured perfume, the only extrait I own as well as an extremely hard to find and most expensive parfum had been knocked to floor and completely emptied out. My Guerlain Nuit D ' Amour. This was certainly not everyone's cup of tea but it was as I said, my most loved scent. My number 1. I waited for a long time to find a bottle, and at a price I could afford no less, and last summer I got one. They only made something like 100 of the parfums. I never thought I would snag one,and was overjoyed. Now it is gone into the carpet. all but the tiniest drop. 1 full ounce of parfum gone.

I can't explain my distress when I saw the stopper lying on the floor and realized what that meant.

It may seem silly to many to be this upset over perfume, and in the grand scheme it is. But for now, I am truly heartbroken. It will pass.

So, what are your own beauty tales of woe?? Please Share .

and if you know of any Nuit D'Amour for sale or swap, please let me know.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mona Di Orio Amyitis Perfume

Mona Di Orio also came to the weekend Sniffapalooza, all the way from Europe , just for us . It was a highlight of the day for me as I love her perfumes and was anxious to meet her and try her newest scent Amyitis.

She was so gracious and told me the most wonderful story for her inspiration for this fragrance. It involved walking naked in the pine needles of the forest, and The Queen Amyitis of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and much more. It is amazing to me to be able to have a vison of that and make into a fragrance. Yet, each of us gets to take our own impression from it.

As with the previous fragrances this one goes thru a few changes as it gets to the drydown ending up somewhat close to the skin with a light sillage ( this at least from my small tester spray).

Amyitis is very green, I can smell grass and a bit of vetiver. It's dewy grass on wet ground. Very fresh with just a tiny touch of floral. The
drydown brings more softness and a bit more floral, the iris and violet poking their heads up just a bit. It's very well done and very different from her past scents.

The notes are :
Top - caraway, savory, green leaves.
Heart- of iris, violet, gaiac wood and cedar.
Base- of saffron, opoponax, moss and amber

Last year I did a review of all her fragrances and you can read that if you like here

All Mona Di Orio perfumes are $ 120.00 for 1.7 oz and $ 200.00 for 3.4

Available at, and Bergdorf Goodman in NY.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Red Flower New Organic Fragrances

At Saturday's Sniffapalooza event , we met Yael Alkalay , founder and creator of Red Flower at the new Blue Mercury shop in NY.

I had read many times about Red Flower candles, but the 3 fragrances are a recent introduction. ( One of which, Champa, was lauded in a recent Lucky mag piece by Jean Godfrey June).
We got to hear the philosophy behind the line and then try the new scents. Yael is a wonderful person and truly seems to embody the ideas of which she speaks such as serenity ,nature, and far east aesthetics ( Yael spent many years in Japan, and honed her craft with Serge Lutens among others.)

My favorite of the fragrances was Guaiac. Guaiac is a tree, but this is not a woody fragrance. The notes also include pink grapefruit, rose absolute, elemi, copaiba and cabreuva. She descibed the origins of this scent as being from the wilderness, the infinite expanse of it. The pink grapefruit really shines in this as does the rose. You get a soft , non powdery rose, sort of like the softest tea rose petal. Underlying it are the woods.
These fragrances are oils so they stay close to the skin and come in a perfume oil roll on and a perfume concentrate bottle.
They are also certified organic.

The 2 other scents are Champa, and Ambrette and all are very nice.
I am now exploring this line more and really loved the Blood Orange body lotion. The Blue Mercury people gladly made me a sample. It smells delicious and orange-y but not too sharp a citrus. I love that so much eco care goes into the making and packaging of these products, and that they smell so nice isn't bad either.
Roll On $ 48.00
Perfume Concentrate $ 186.00
much more to read at

Monday, April 14, 2008

Lancome New High Definicils Mascara

Lancome is introducing a new version of one of my favorite( it never, ever smudges) mascaras Definicils, named High Definicils.

Here are the details:

The addition of High Définicils High Definition Ultra Precision Mascara gives the chicest women and most discerning makeup artists the option of creating an elegant, clean, fanned-lash look with the award-winning Définicils formula and a new, patented, precision-glide brush. The formula easily and cleanly glides onto each lash, adding suppleness and length. The High Precision™ brush, with its soft rubber bristles, deposits just the right amount of product for optimum separation and no clumps.

“The best way to apply this mascara is to lift the lashes right at the base of the lash line using the brush, and comb through,” advises National Makeup Artist Tarek Abbas. “This allows for the brush to better grip the lashes for a more fanned look.”

Two shades: Black and Brown.

Suggested Retail Price: $23.50

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Clinique Long Last Summer 2008 Makeup and Self Tan

For summer Clinique has come up with some long lasting makeup products to help get thru the longer, hotter days and nights.
Anytime an eyeshadow hits the market that is supposed to be really lasting, i am ready to try it. Clinique's new one is said to transfer resistant, and water proof due to a special belnd of water and silicone. There are no waxes or oils. Good.
My oily lids vaporize many a shadow and my mom has even worse wear with many. I am happy to report that this new one does the job pretty well. I used it with no base to get the real feel for it, and it lasted all into the evening. The color lightened a little and no it fif not look just applied, but it also was clearly still there and not really needing a touch up.

The new Long Last glosswear also wears rather well. I didn't have this on all day( lunch got in the way) but you can feel that it sticks to your lips well, and after several hours, the pigment was less but some color remained as did the shine. This is a super moisturizing formula with SPF 15.

The other key product here is the new Touch of Bronze Moisturizing Body Lotion. This is super moisturizing and in one application gives you a good glow. It's not too much but not so light that you can't tell. You get a nice light tan look and can apply again for more deeper color. This has virtually no self tanner "stink " at all. It's very creamy and dries pretty fast. The super creaminess means you do need a good bit of lotion but it works well.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hot New International products from Women's Health mag

Women's Health magazine highlighted in their April issue several new products that were previously very hard to find and mainly available only in their native countries. Some of these I have heard about , others not. I need to try the Black Blemish Control gel from Japan. My skin is having an oil moment lately.


Beauty without Borders – You don’t have to travel across the globe to score these beauty products.
Ladies - please fasten your seat belts; make sure those tray tables are up, seats are in the upright positions, and all electronics are turned off as we prepare for takeoff. Kindly remain in your seats until the pilot indicates that it’s safe to move around the cabin.

Thank you for choosing to fly with Women’s Health! We hope you enjoy this beauty makeover around the world.

For additional beauty tips, or to book your next adventure, go to, or slideshow

Invisible Zinc face and body sunscreen ($26 for 5.3 oz,
The world’s highest skin cancer rates are found down under; this sunscreen fights the killer sun and deflects UV Rays
Packed with ultra-fine particles of zinc inside a likely, light-weight lotion

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre ($25 for 2.6 oz,
The secret to French women’s flawless skin
Plant extract preserves skin’s ideal pH, giving your complexion that certain jen ne sais quoi

Philip Kingsley Weatherproof Styling Froth ($20 for 5 oz,
Brit beauties fend off frizz with this froth
The foam conditions, holds and deflects moisture
Fights flyaways, even in soggy London

Sachajuan Hair Repair ($28 for 8.45 oz,
Contains algae and proteins to protect and restore silky locks
Sweden is known for those stunning blonde bombshells – now we know their secret!

The Face Shop Mung Bean Cleansing Foam ($8 for 6.7 oz, 408-248-3223)
Exfoliates and dries oil – and Korean researchers say the legume may reduce irritation

Moa: The Green Balm ($38 for 1.69 oz,
When you live on an island near the Arctic Circle, you better know how to revive your skin
Packed with native herbs like yarrow, combined with Icelandic water to soothe scaly skin, dry cuticles, cuts, rashes and even frizzy hair

Dr. Ci: Labo Basic Black Blemish Control Gel ($36 for 1.75 oz,
Chidoriya Oil Blotting Face Paper ($7 for 30 sheets,
Asian women swear by this shine-fighting tag team
The gel clears skin with gentle botanical extracts
The face paper sops up grease without smudging makeup

Karite Butter Cleo Body Cream ($8 for 8.5 oz,
Prepare to be ogled Italian-style
Treat your skin to this whipped-yogurt and shea butter moisturizer smells like dessert and makes your skin more irresistible than gelato

Wisdom of Africa Kalahari Melon Body Polish ($43 for 6.7 oz, 978-443-7006)
With mountains, desert, and ocean in their geography, South Africans face a triple threat when it comes to the elements
This South African treasure taps the antioxidants in the native fruit’s seeds to moisturize and repair sun-damaged skin

Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream ($35 for 1 oz,
Stimulates collagen production so you look as fresh as this cream smells

Beauty By Numbers

$39 The amount per month the average American woman spends on beauty treatments
$71 The amount the average Italian woman spends on beauty treatments
92 The % of British women that rarely or never visit a dermatologist
80 The % of women in South Africa that wear fragrance every day; 80% of Chinese women don’t
38 The % of Indian women that say they own zero skin-care products
73 The % of Australians would choose to shell out for body massages if money were no object
52 The % of Koreans that would spend their cash on skin-lightening treatments
45 The % of women in China that say they can’t live without lipstick
53 The % of Italian women feel they look younger then they are.
38 The % of people in China that use teeth-whitening treatment (including toothpaste) daily.

Additional Beauty Facts:
- American and British women are most likely to feel they look stressed and tired
- Women in Germany and Italy say mascara is their most essential beauty product
- Argentine and Canadian women are the most satisfied with their looks.
- Japanese and French women are least satisfied with their looks.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Shiloh Perfume by Hors la Monde

Jeweler and now perfumer Symine Salimpour along with famed nose Michel Roudnitstka created the fragrance Shiloh . The perfume was inspired by years of traveling, and according to Ms. Salimpour is result of the fusion of delicate scents, precious woods , and more.

When Shiloh first goes on a great deal of citrus is right there,and slowly the woods introduce themselves. A hint of florals is there also. The fragrance seems very well blended, and by the drydown patchouli and light cedar notes are most present. There is great sillage . It is a lovely, warm scent that will especially appeal to those who love the cedar and patchouli notes.

lemon, bergamot, herbs, rose damascena, Virginia cedar, precious woods, patchouli, sandalwood, incense, oakmoss, musk, vanilla

Shiloh is available at Henri Bendel and Aedes de Venustas in NY and on the web at In LA and online at, as well as Galeries Lafeyette in France.
$ 110.00 for 1.69 oz

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bobbi Brown's Quick Face and a Special Event

Bobbi Brown has a new grouping out called The Quick Face Collection. Consisting of Lip Crayons, a mini set of Tube Tints, and Long Wearing Cream eyeshadow( 5 new shades).
Already a fan here of the lip crayons, they are great for a quick app. and this new set features 4 new LE shades.

Available now at department stores and

In more Bobbi Brown news, The Studio in New Jersey will be celebrating their 1st anniversary with a Bobbi Brown appearance. It looks like a great event if you are in the area.

Here are the details :
Please join Bobbi Brown for our 1 year Anniversary of “The Studio”, with a ‘GIRLS NIGHT OUT’!

Thursday May 8th
4-8 p.m.
8 Lackawanna Plaza
Montclair NJ 07042
973 744-3029 ( rsvp)

Here are the details for the ‘Girls Night Out’ at The Studio:

Makeup Applications from fabulous Bobbi Brown artists
Receive 20% discounts on all purchases that evening
Hair Styling
Food and Wine
Goody Bags
Raffle items
And more….

Other retailers participating in ‘Girls Night Out’:

Jeeyune Nails and Spa
Bikram Yoga
Chez Renee
Tory Janes
The Chocolate Path
Coco an experience inc.
My Inheritance
Blueberry Lane
Running Rabbit Theater
Flour Patch Bakery
Barbara Eclectic

For those of you who are not familiar with The Studio. The Studio is more than just a store. Behind the store there is also a huge space in which Bobbi’s BBU (Bobbi Brown University) exists. This space is a combination of a training ground for our internal makeup artists which keeps them up to date on Bobbi’s signature tips and techniques and is also a space for conducting training classes for women who are interested in developing their own artistry techniques.

*Please bring your gently used handbags to support ‘Dress for Success”

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Doctor's Advice for Rosacea/Inflammation

Awhile back, dear friend The Movie Mommy
emailed and asked some advice for anti aging products that would work on her very sensitive, redness & rosacea prone skin. That was not an area I was too familar with but was able to provide some starting points.

Last week, Lancome sponsored an event at their Short Hills , NJ and NY stores featuring Dr. Jana Kauer,( pictured) author and celebrity nutritionist. I was offered the chance to ask her a question, even though I was unable to attend. I decided to use my question to help my friend. I also got a response from Dr. Tina Alster, Lancome's resident dermatoligist.

The Movie Mommy is certainly not the only one struggling with this issue , so maybe the doctor's advice will be a help to some of you. The infammation advice can also be of help to anyone who has acne, and joint pain as they are inflammation also.

From Dr. Klauer:
"Too much sugar causes inflammation, so avoid soda, candy, cookies, etc. Inadequate sleep causes cortisol (a stress hormone associated with inflammation) to rise. So if you are staying up all night and dragging yourself through the day with sugary snacks, you are encouraging an inflammatory state.
When it comes to anti-inflammatory foods, you cannot do better than wild Alaskan salmon. It is a low mercury fish with high amounts of omega-3 fat. Within our bodies, require a balance between omega-6 fats which allow us to mount the inflammatory response and omega-3 fats which fight inflammation. Too much of either is a bad thing. Other anti-inflammatory foods: Green tea, organic green vegetables, berries, Brazil nuts. Why Brazil nuts? They contain high amounts of selenium which helps the immune system. "

From Dr. Alster:
"Start with a gentle cream cleanser (such as Confort Galatee) so as not to overdry the skin.
Avoid harsh ingredients such as retinoic acid or glycolic acid (they only serve to irritate sensitive skin).
Begin use of an antioxidant serum or cream (Vitamin C).
Protect skin from the sun (apply mild sunscreen). "

photo of Dr. Klauer courtesy of lancome

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dove Go Fresh Grapefruit Lemongrass

Dove has come out with a new line of products called Go Fresh. I sampled them all at a Shecky's Shopping night recently. When I read about them I was most interested in the Energize Grapefruit Lemongrass body spray , citrus fanatic that I am, and that was the one I loved.

It is super nice, zesty but not sharp and has just a hint of the herbal lemongrass. I gave the body spray a quick spray on my hand, and it lasted well into the evening, even having a tiny bit left after a couple hand washings. Not bad for an inexpensive little spray. This will be a great pick me up all summer, and it has moisturizers( light ones) in it too. The coordinating deodarant had a very light scent.

I got a bar of the matching soap ( haven't seen a spray that wasn't in a set yet) and it is not as good smelling as the body spray but still nice. The scent lasts long and it moisturizes fairly well.

Suggested retail is 4.99 for 3 oz. spray bottle.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Michael Kors Island Hopping Fragrances

Michael Kors has re-released Island Fiji , as well as Island Hawaii. The newest Island Capri is also available. This one with the two older ones will be exclusively at Nordstroms for a limited time . ( Capri is available at other retailers, not the two others for now).

No secret I am a fan of Kors scents in general, and everyone in my family, even my dad loves Island Hawaii. I think it's the best Island, but they are all different . Fiji is the most floral of the group and aquatic. Hawaii is citrus and white flowers, and Capri is a bit deeper and green with fig notes bergamot, among others.

Each perfume is EDP 1.7 oz $60.00

( Fiji is pink bottle, Hawaii orange, Capri blue. )

Friday, April 4, 2008

Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Dolls

In September Gwen Stefani is releasing Harajuku Lovers fragrances, all in individual doll bottles. They kind of remind me of all the MAC Fafi images, and I think will appeal to the younger set for sure. The juice is in the bottom of the doll, and the names are still the letters of LAMB with a G for Gwen of course.

Here are the notes for each " girl":

Love- a sensuous floral concocted by Yves Cassar and Pascal Gaurin of International Flavors & Fragrances, has top notes of sparkling bergamot, pink pomelo, peach and bamboo leaf mist; a heart of watery peony, living hydroponic lace rose, jasmine sambac, nectarine blossom, creamy paperwhites and Egyptian jasmine, and a drydown of petally ylang, creamy vanilla orchid, sensual musk and blond wood.

Lil' Angel- a fruity floral by Givaudan's Christophe Raynaud, has top notes of raspberry, cranberry, blackberry and pineapple; a heart of pear blossom, candied violet and sugared rose, and a drydown of lollipop accord, hinoki wood and crystal amber.

Music- a delicate floral by Honorine Blanc of Firmenich, has top notes of clementine and sparkling pear; a heart of jasmine sambac, sweet pea and honeysuckle, and a drydown of vanilla, skin musk and sleek woods.

Baby- a powdery musk by Firmenich's Harry Fremont, has top notes of freesia, bergamot and white rose; a heart of orange flower, tiare flower and jasmine petals, and a drydown of white musk, soft woods, heliotrope, vanilla and violet.

G- a modern gourmand by Steve DeMarcado of Fragrance Resources, has top notes of crisp mandarin, fresh coconut and apple skin; a heart of jasmine sambac, soft freesia and magnolia vapor, and a drydown of coconut cream, white sandalwood and cottonwoods.

$ 45.00 for 30 ml
$25.00 for 10 ml

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Skinceuticals AOX Body Treatment and New Website

Skinceuticals has re-launched their website with all their products now available online.
One of the newer products is the AOX Body Treatment. I have been using this for a little less than a week now. It's meant to be exfoliator, moisturizer and antioxidant provider in one.

It's a really nice creamy serum like treatment. It moisturizes nicely, and sinks right in skin. I hope that all the antioxidants are doing their thing. I like the idea of that and all the good ingredients in AOX.I have not used it long enough to know if thats happening and just how well it does overall, but so far so good.

Skin is smoothed and soft .

Here's the website description of whats in it :"Vitamin-E and purified grape polyphenols: work synergistically for enhanced protection against free radicals
Ectoin: protects against environmental aggressors and accelerates the skin’s ability to repair itself
Flavonols derived from jasmine: limit inflammation
Capriloyl salicylic acid: induces efficient exfoliation of dead skin cells to give skin a smoother texture
Selective combination of proven emollients and humectants: restores proper balance of skin hydration and skin lipids "

150 ml is $ 85.00

I have my eye next on the Simply Clean pore refining gel cleanser. I am always on to a new cleanser it seems each time one runs out. This is $28.00 for 240 ml.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dr.'s Remedy Nail Polish

Dr.'s Remedy Nail Polish was developed by 2 podiatrists who wanted better, non toxic nail polishes when one of their wive's became pregnant. They thought there must be a better way and went and had their own made. Free of the Big 3 toxins as well as having tea tree oil and garlic bulb extract as antifungals, and vitamins C & E.

I am all for anything more natural and so off I went to try one out. After all, what we really want to know is how well does it perform?

I am using the color Pink Purity. It is sheer, pale pink. What struck me most about Dr.'s Remedy polish was how shiny it was without a top coat. I am a shine freak, and never think a polish doesn't need topcoat. In the interest of seeing how well the color would hold up and in saving a step, I left off the top coat when I did my nails. I was very happy with the shine, which thru 3 days has stayed. The polish has held up well. No nicks, tip wear etc. I can't say I get that with other polishes minus top coat.
I wish but I am hard on my nails.
The polish is also very quick drying.
The picture of my nails is from day 2. Today ( day 3 ) I decided to put on a top coat. I think the nails were ready.

Dr.'s Remedy nail polishes are 15.00 each and come in 5 basic shades incl. clear.

They are available at the website

(ed. note- when I removed this polish, my nails actually seemed whiter. It does have ingredients that are said to help discolored yellow nails, and it seems to work. )