Monday, October 30, 2023

Payot Lisse Skincare Cream and Serum

It's been awhile since I used Payot @payotus skincare but back when I did I loved it. Still do. Payot, if you're not familiar is a historic over 100 year old French brand most often found in their famous pharmacies but also available here in the US via their website.

Two new products housed in the signature curved glass containers are the Plumping Booster Serum and Wrinkle Smoothing Cream from their Lisse line. The Mom has been asking for a new moisturizing cream so that went right to her. I went with the serum.

The Wrinkle Smoothing Cream is a lovely, light but very moisturizing, whipped feel traditional face cream with hyaluronic acid , glycerin and herbal extracts like wild pansy Mom loves it. She said it's not greasy or heavy and does seem to smooth some.

The Plumping Booster Serum is neat in that it's a jarred serum and has a bouncy gel cream feel to it. It's very lightly moisturizing, and dries fast making it great for under makeup or under the cream. It has a higher dose of hyaluronic acid according to the brand along with herbal extracts . This has been nice for the warmer weather, it's very humid here so I only use a serum .

Both of these are fragranced, it's a soft herbal floral scent , not too strong but not light either. Very soothing and fresh I think .

Payot uses varying percentages of natural origin ingredients in their products, the actual number is noted on the boxes which are made of recycled paper and the Lisse jars of 20 % recycled glass.

These are bringing a certain touche à la français to our vanities and I'm here for it.

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The cream and serum are $58 each. 

The Serum