Thursday, December 15, 2022

Kiss My Face Goat Milk Body Wash & Moisture Shave


had  used  a few Kiss My Face products years and years ago . Always liked them and whatever I used including shampoos worked well. They've been off my radar awhile though so when they reached out to try some samples I was happy to hear from them. 

Kiss My Face has been doing the  cruelty free, natural beauty thing since 1983. It's a very saturated space right now but not when they started , not even when I last used them . 

The Goat Milk Rosemary Tea Tree Body Wash is really nice. It's lightly moisturizing with  sunflower seed oil , argan oil and shea butter.  It doesn't lather a lot, rinses off well  and the scent is subtle herbs and citrus . 

There's also Cedarwood and Bergamot  Moisture Shave which is geared towards men and  facial shaving but it's easily used for legs etc. It's very,very creamy and moisturizing .  It helps to get a close shave and feels good on skin which I would think would make it a good pick for men's faces. The scent is very cool cedar and citrus  that is much stronger than the Body Wash. 

They also have a nice selection of hand soaps that I want to check out and suncare. Everything is well priced too I think, with the 16 oz Body Wash coming in at $9.99 at