Thursday, December 15, 2022

Kiss My Face Goat Milk Body Wash & Moisture Shave


had  used  a few Kiss My Face products years and years ago . Always liked them and whatever I used including shampoos worked well. They've been off my radar awhile though so when they reached out to try some samples I was happy to hear from them. 

Kiss My Face has been doing the  cruelty free, natural beauty thing since 1983. It's a very saturated space right now but not when they started , not even when I last used them . 

The Goat Milk Rosemary Tea Tree Body Wash is really nice. It's lightly moisturizing with  sunflower seed oil , argan oil and shea butter.  It doesn't lather a lot, rinses off well  and the scent is subtle herbs and citrus . 

There's also Cedarwood and Bergamot  Moisture Shave which is geared towards men and  facial shaving but it's easily used for legs etc. It's very,very creamy and moisturizing .  It helps to get a close shave and feels good on skin which I would think would make it a good pick for men's faces. The scent is very cool cedar and citrus  that is much stronger than the Body Wash. 

They also have a nice selection of hand soaps that I want to check out and suncare. Everything is well priced too I think, with the 16 oz Body Wash coming in at $9.99 at

Monday, October 10, 2022

Altaia Atacama

The newest fragrance from Altaia is a beauty. I've been wearing it almost every day for a couple weeks and with my fragrance collection that's saying something. I don't wear the same one over again too often. 

Atacama celebrates the line's  South American heritage and was inspired by the the Atacama desert. It's the highest desert on earth and also the driest (parts are covered with dried salt)  but also one that with a little rain brings out the blooms of pink mallow flowers throughout.  I'm a geography and travel buff but I admit I had never heard of it  so it was interesting to learn about it. To see how beautiful it is when the flowers bloom check out the second slide. 

The scent is not exactly desert like but it is  dry. Also creamy and beachy with a suntan lotion feel but nothing too overt , nothing that screams sunscreen. More like the coziest sunbaked beach day with the salty breeze,  fragrant flowers nearby and damp driftwood .A lush jasmine , freesia, clary sage and tonka  are the main notes here  along with cashmere woods.  The jasmine combined with the sage, a note I tend to love and then the tonka makes  it cozy and nuzzly as it dries down ,with a hint of vanilla sweetness. I can't stop sniffing myself when I wear this. 

Atacama has good lasting power, I get whiffs of it most of the day . The sillage is light to medium.

 Available at 

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Mystic Sunset by Eau D'Italie

Italian Summers and  La Dolce Vita , it's the stuff of movies and yes, perfume.  Eau D'Italie takes us there with their beautiful creations and their newest scent Mystic Sunset, draws us into the warm evening near the 
Tyrrhenian Sea. 

Eau d'Italie is  the fragrance line from the family behind the legendary Le Sirenuse Positano hotel in Italy and is exclusive  to the fabulous, you want everything beauty retailer Beautyhabit.  I remember Eau D'Italie well from years back when I went to NYC on sniffing excursions. It has been some time since I visited with the line and they recently revamped their look. 

Inspired by the setting sun over Positano's bay and created by perfumer Marie Salamagne,  the heavy weighted glass bottle holds the scent of  cassis ( blackcurrant) , osmanthus,  cane sugar , saffron, jasmine and cedar. 

 I am not always  a fan of cassis, it depends. Here I  really like it, as it's not too sweet or overdone. More the fresh fruit that's not overripe, maybe even a little tart.  The cane sugar also doesn't make it too sweet but is just enough.  The light florals  are barely there and mix nicely while the saffron keeps it all a little dry.  The cedar definitely shows up as it dries down but in no way overwhelms the rest of the scent. 

Mystic Sunset is sunny , calm, easy to wear and subtly sultry. Not shy but not too bold it takes you away without leaving your yard. Can't get to Italy ? Go there via scent .

Eau D'Italie Mystic Sunset is available at Beautyhabit  

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Chanel La Pausa Spring/ Summer 2022


A little sunshine for your day -Chanel style  from the so pretty La Pausa S/S22 color collection. This line brings the gold and bronzes for eyes with a pop of color for lips in their new balms. It's your trip to the Cote d'Azur without leaving home. 

The eye quad Mediterraneen is all gold kissed shimmer shades. These are creamy , blend well and  have good pigment. They are not dark but also not sheer except for the top left shade which goes on with a lighter look on than the others. I've been wearing this so much. It's pretty  perfect for an easy but not so basic eye. 

The Blush Lumiere comes in two shades, I have Peche Rose, a warming terracotta peach with a tiny bit of shimmer.  It's a gorgeous color with medium pigment.  It looks like it will go on deeply colored but it doesn't making it easily buildable. There is a deeper brown bronzy shade as well . 

The Rouge Coco Baumes come in an extra chic Summer ready white case.  There are several shades of pink , nude and more. The red shown is In Love. The balms are nice , I love a tinted balm, but don't get them to wear against cold temps.  They have light moisture and an almost matte pigment rich finish. Not for the cold weather unless you layer a heavier balm over them.  They are def a Spring lippie but for then, they're perfect.  You'll look good popping one out of your season ready straw bag .