Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cruel Gardenia by Guerlain

I had the pleasure of trying the new Guerlain perfume Cruel Gardenia last month. I only got a small dab on my hand, and I remember only bits of it, but it was very pretty and new, so here it is.

Unlike many gardenia fragrances, this is not a big, creamy fragrance. The gardenia is minimal and soft. To my nose( and memory) there was some violet, green notes, and rose. What I do remember is thinking it incredibly elegant and a fragrance that would always be just right. Any occasion: office, dinner, shopping , this one fragrance would be perfect. Since the Art et Matiere line which this belongs to is quite pricey( $ 225.00), it's good to know you could buy this one scent and have all things covered. Of course if like me, you need/want many scents, well that doesn't apply.

I have not yet decided if I want a full bottle of this. I am thinking more like a decent size decant. It was stunning, but not more than some of my current favorites in my collection.

Here's what the Osmoz site has to say :

"This spring, discover a new fragrance in Guerlain’s L’Art et la Matière collection. After last year’s Iris Ganache, this year the house unveils Cruel Gardenia, a white bouquet designed by Randa Hammami / Symrise in collaboration with Sylvaine Delacourte. No honeyed notes or heady accents of tuberose here, the house points out. No, the ‘cruel’ side is ‘a presence that you’re not aware of, that sneaks up on you’: the bewitching character, shaded with ‘a delicious, almost painful nostalgia.’ Cruel Gardenia is a sun-drenched gardenia with a ‘cottony aura’ due to a peach-neroli accord, ylang-ylang, musks and a ‘sensual, sandalwoody vanille’."

Cruel Gardenia is currently on wait list at Bergdorf Goodman. I am not sure of status at other boutiques which include San Francisco( Saks I think) and France Pavilion at Epcot in Disney.

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