Sunday, March 25, 2007

Island Michael Kors Hawaii- Sunny perfume days ahead

Island Michael Kors Hawaii takes you to the tropics with a gorgeous floral infused scent.
Island Hawaii starts off with the burst of tuberose and clementine. It retains a soft tuberose all the way through, with oranges and lilies as well. Even in the drydown the tropical tuberose remains, and it's so pretty. Amber appears subtle. The fragrance has good sillage and lasts long.

The overall effect is , as I said, pretty. The scent really matches the beautiful orange glass of the bottle. You can't help but keep sniffing it. It's not as floral as the original Michael Kors, but retains much of that fragrance. The added citrus fruits really push this to a better place.

I am a fan of Kors fragrances, the Sheer especially. I love this new one, and it's super for summer. It makes you happy. It's not overly exotic, but zesty. Pack this for your summer jaunts. Whether to the beach, or the office, a lift awaits.

Island Michael Kors Hawaii retails at 60.00, 1.7 oz at Sephora, incl. a bag and a sarong.

sp. thanks to e. greenbaum

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