Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Carthusia: Scents of Summer

Carthusia is an Italian fragrance company located in Capri, making lovely scents reminiscent of that beautiful place, and perfect for the summer warmth. The notes for these old perfumes were rediscovered in 1948 at the Monastery were they were originally created, and permission had to be secured from the Pope to begin making them again.

I have only tested 2 and like them both a lot, but Mediteranneo is my favorite. A bright ,clean , lemon citrus, it sparkles. A most refreshing scent to wear and enjoy through the hottest days. Besides the lemon, there are notes of green tea, but truly, it's the zesty lemon that comes through.

Aria de Capri is the other I have tested. It is a very elegant, ladylike scent. Notes of mimosa, iris jasmine, peach and bay leaf. To me it smells a bit powdery, with much of mimosa and iris notes being foremost. It is not overly floral, or overly fruity, just quitely nice. Sillage is medium and it has great lasting power in the EDP. I have not tried the EDT.

All Carthusia's come in EDP and EDT.

The bottles especially the EDP with their atomizer are lovely, and packaged by hand .

Carthusia perfumes are not the easiest to come by, and are carried by beautyhabit.com, c.o bigelow online and at Takashimaya store in NY. I believe Bendels also carries it in NY.

The other women's scents are Ligea, Fiori, and IO.

If you want a unique and lively scent try this line.

EDPs retail for 110.00, EDTs 65.00

photo: c.o. bigelow online

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