Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mario Badescu Home & Away Kit for Nordstrom Beauty Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale ends Aug 1st .  There were many great items and I haven't highlighted nearly enough. But in the last minute(s) I had to tell you about this Mario Badescu kit in case you haven't noticed it.

Called the Home and Away Kit, it's big claim to fame as far as I'm concerned is that it  has a Drying Lotion in a plastic bottle. And it's full size  not a mini. PERFECTION. Badescu Drying Lotion is one of the greatest acne zapping products ever ( 1st post on it from 2007 here) and when I have to take a trip I always wrestle with taking my glass bottle or taking some other product and hoping a huge zit doesn't happen. This kit takes that problem right out of your hands. A large and small Acne Cleanser rounds out the kit. All you need to take it on the road and blast acne at home.

 The 'Home' set includes a full-size Acne Facial Cleanser (6 oz.) and full size glass bottle of the Drying Lotion (1 oz.). The 'Away' set contains a carry-on approved, travel-size Acne Facial Cleanser (2 oz.) and a full-size Drying Lotion (1 oz.) in a travel-friendly plastic bottle.

Exclusive to Nordstrom Sale: $35.00

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