Friday, September 23, 2011

Backstage Hair at Zero Maria Cornejo w/ Phyto

One of the neatest styles seen backstage I thought was this look cooked up by Phyto for Zero Maria Cornejo. It's origami looking , which I thought before reading the hairstylist say the same thing, and I wish I could recreate it on my own hair.

 If you want to give it shot , here are all the details ( naturally they make it seem all so simple ).

PS- Makeup is by Dick Page for Shiseido

Key Hairstylist: Martin Cullen for Phyto

Inspiration: Maria shares, “I love the feeling of an urban summer; fabrics that feel like the beach but toughened up somehow.” The hair reflects that feeling with a graphic, structural up-do with a twist.

Step by step:

1. Spray Phytovolume Actif throughout hair to give it texture.

2. Create a side part and make 2 small twists on the left side of the head, secure it with threaded elastic.

3. Spray twists with Phytolaque soie light hold hair spray.

4. Pull hair back and fold it flat against the head, almost origami like. Secure hair with bobby pins.

5. Finish with Phyto Professional Workable Holding Spray.

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