Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Redken Duo Shield 07 Color Protecting Gel-Cream

Redken's got a new product  to help in blow drying, especially if hair is  color treated.

Duo Shield 07 is a gel cream as the name says and it's literally a 2 in 1  product as the tube has 2 chambers for the gel and cream to come out separately and mix in your hands.

Redken has created  the brand new Heatguard Complex  for this ( also used in  newly re-worked Satinwear 02),  which uses xylose sugar to prevent heat damage , ceramides to smooth and add strength and cranberry oil for moisture.

What Duo Shield does is give you light conditioning, light to medium styling hold, and color protection when blow drying.

I used it exclusively to give it a good try. No other styling aids or leave in conditioner.
I found it to a nice job adding volume to hair, volume that lasted, as well as smoothness.  I felt I wouldn't need another styler  but I do think I could have used leave -in conditioner.  Mind you, Redken does not call this a leave in,  but I wanted to test it.

What I liked best was long lasting results. Not just  fullness and volume but hair stayed cleaner longer.  My one drawback was that I used a lot of it, too much .as I got a little build up, but that I do think was from simply using far too much product.  So I need to adjust that. They do recommend  it for medium-coarse hair which I have and say to use less with fine hair.

Since I like to use gel or mousse in my hair anyway I like that I can skip one of those and use this instead.

Duo Shield 07 Color Protecting Gel- Cream is $ 19.00 for a  5 oz tube at all Redken salon outlets. www.redken.com

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Beauty Alchemist said...

Kate- Agree, they have amazing products. Been using then since I was a teen. Thanks for stopping by.