Monday, September 29, 2014

Emily & Tony Down Under Comfort

Wondering what Emily & Tony " Down Under Comfort " is ? It's a new product to help keep sweat at bay.

Not a deodorant, but somewhat like one, this cream  can be applied anywhere you sweat, including more intimate areas , on your back, bottoms of feet.  It's lightweight and dries to a powder like feel with very little scent.

I wish I had this  beginning  in June, but it's still warm at times in September for me and this works pretty well.   I definitely noticed less sweaty stickiness when I tried this  and felt more comfortable.  It will also work for areas that might chafe to help control that as well . With no parabens, aluminum, silicone or talc and being vegan this is far better than applying  antiperspirant all over. That's kind of yuck . It can also be applied on areas that are already super sweaty to hep absorb some.  It uses tapioca to absorb sweat and witch hazel to close pores.

So whether you're in warm temps, hit the gym regularly or  run,  Down Under Comfort is a good accompaniment .

Emily & Tony Down Under Comfort is $18, and available online at

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