Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Jason Naturals Gentle Basics Day Lotion

This new line from Jason Naturals, Gentle Basics, is  limited ingredient for both   sensitive skin and those who want as little as possible in their skincare  .  

The Day Lotion  is light but very moisturizing with borage oil.  It feels very soft on skin and sinks in quickly. There is a scent, fresh and herby . It's  not  the best of fragrances but not bad either. It also doesn't  last long. While  Jason calls this a day lotion it could  be used day or night. I think the lightness is what lends itself to day use  and there is a heavier Night Cream available.

It comes in a large, 16 oz pump bottle and is paraben, sls, pertrolatum,  artificial color, fragrance and phthalates free.  For a good basic moisturizer , this size at the price is a deal. It's a body lotion sized bottle of face moisturizer.

 Gentle Basics also has a facial cleanser, night cream and these Cleansing Towelettes. Also for dry , more sensitive skin they clean and add moisture while being made with biodegradable cloth. 

Gentle Basics Day Lotion is $ 16.99
Gentle Basics Cleansing Towelettes are $ 6.99 

Available at Target, select WalMart, and www.jason-personalcare.com

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