Thursday, October 20, 2016

Alterna Luxe Shape Creme Gel

Alterna does it again with new Luxe Shape styler.

Luxe Shape is a creme gel formula that is fairly thick. You work into wet or damp hair and then blow dry. ( It can be used on dry hair too but I haven't tried that).  What it does it add shape to hair and help lock your styling in.  I use a lrage round brush while I dry and after hair is dry and settled , I have some wave and curl where I used the brush. My hair holds some of the form the brush gave it.  It even looks better after a few hours,  like  hair is reshaping itself almost, if that makes sense.

The hold is medium and this doesn't weigh hair down or leave any kind of residue.   Hair feels fuller if anything and shinier. I use quite a bit and  never feel like my hair has is overdone with product.

Also nice,while not a leave in ( try their amazing  Caviar CC Cream for that) it's not dry or drying even adding a tiny bit of moisture .

Alterna Luxe Shape is $ 28 at Ulta  and

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