Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dove Shower Foam

Dove fans, there's something new in town, Shower Foam.

I love Dove's Nutrium Body Wash and use them all year long.  This Winter it's been the newer Dry Oil version that's keeping my skin well hydrated in the chilly temps . I tend to skip lotion more often than I should, so that added moisture  is a big help.

New Shower Foam comes in a  pump bottle and is a light, foaming wash. It has Nutrium Moisture of course but will appeal to those who like something a little a lighter in their shower products but still want moisture. It comes out of the pump a thin foam that lathers up well. You'll need a few pumps each use but Dove says that it has 250 pumps in each ( 13.5 oz) bottle.

Shower Foam comes on four versions. Deep Moisture, shown,  Sensitive, Cucumber and Green  Tea  and  Shea Butter  Warm Vanilla.

Dove Shower Foam  retail varies but it's 5.99 @Target and 7.79 @Walgreens currently.

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