Sunday, May 14, 2017

Demeter Petrichor

Tired of waiting for a Dr. Who inspired fragrance? Demeter has created a fragrance just for Whovians. Well, ok maybe for fragrance fans too but let's face it we'll get IT.

Petrichor  "For The Girl Who Is Tired Of Waiting"  channels the scent of  rain hitting the dry ground. Demeter is known for creating scents around unusual inspirations and they usually work really well.

Petrichor smells dry, earthy and mineral but also aquatic.  I get juniper, soap, wet clay. Maybe there is some vetiver in there too. It's unisex and leans more masculine .

Amy, Rory and Eleven may be gone  but Petrichor can help you remember and will look nice sitting next to your mini TARDIS.

And yes that is a Peter Davison pin in the pic. A relic from my convention days when I almost met him . I loved him as the Dr.


By Viromnibus
The world where I stood was a desert
longing for a kiss that never came.
Not until you did.

Demeter Petrichor is $ 20 for 1oz spray. More sizes along with body lotion and shower gel available at 


theminx said...

Did you know that Peter Davison is David Tennant's father in law?

Beauty Alchemist said...
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Beauty Alchemist said...

I did know that. It was kind of weird, but cool too. And hey they seem happy and have three kids now. Although I ( and many of my fellow Who fans I am friendly with, were not fans of her guest turn on the show ) But I guess Tennant sure was.