Thursday, June 1, 2017

Skinny Tan 7 Day Dark Tanner

Happy June . That means it's time to start self tanning since  shorts, crops and yes, bathing suits are coming out of hiding.

This past weekend and the weekend before I  busted out my Skinny Tan 7 Day  Dark Tanner . It's shorts weather but my legs are PALE.

A gel in a new dark tan formula, this gave me a nice  medium color on the first use .  Not that deep, since we were starting with such paleness but  a good shot of natural looking color after 3 hours.

The tanning gel applies easily with the bronzer built in and dries fast.  I felt tacky for about 15 minutes but still felt I could get dressed , sit down  etc .  I used a tanning glove and  had zero streaks.  The company also makes a finger sponge, good for the face or small area touch ups.

The directions say that 2-3 hours gives  a light glow and 5-8 hours/overnight the deepest tan effect. I did  3 hours the first use but  next , a week later, I went 7 hours and got much better, deeper, results. But that of course depends on how much color  you want and how fast you want it to develop.  It also covers flaws and  gives a smoother look.   That's a big ( tanned ) thumbs up.

This truly has almost no odor,  I can smell just a touch of a coconut scent and that lasts briefly. Guarana extract is in there for some firming  along with sunflower and sweet almond oils for light moisture and slip when applying.

This lasts too, I am on day 5  and the color is holding.

Skinny Tan 7 Day Dark Tanner is $ 39.95 at , Amazon.

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