Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Peter Thomas Roth Hyaluronic Cloud Hydra Gel Eye Patches

Eyes need all the love they can get .  I use eye cream every day but I've not done any eye masks or gels until now. I had to try the new eye gel patches from Peter Thomas Roth.

These have everything in them you could want to throw at your weary eyes. glycerin,collagen, hyaluronic acid, caffiene, shea butter  , liocrice root extract, aneglica root extract,sesame seed extract aloe leaf juice, castor seed oil,  and a few more root extracts.

The patches are  thin and tear easily, a spatula is enclosed to lift them out with. Once  out of the jar set it onto your eye area. They can be applied teardrop point  up or down depending on what part of eye you want to concentrate on. They are loaded with serum so are very slippery. Once on leave for 10-15 minutes. One side did slip  a little but I pushed it back into place.

They feel cooling right off and after a few minutes on, my under eye started feeling tightened and firmed. After using the area well hydrated and stayed that way until the AM. My skin felt very soft in the morning , softer than usual and seemed lightly smoothed. After you take them off, gently rub in the leftover serum.

You can use the eye gels every day or once in awhile. I think they're perfect for weekend wind down to  erase the week and get things  shaped up for the next.

Peter Thomas Roth Hylaluronic Cloud Hydra Gel Patches are $ 52 for 30 pair jar.

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