Sunday, October 1, 2017

NEST Fragrances Liquidless Diffuser

How cool is this? NEST has a new diffuser for holiday that has no liquid. If you're worried about spills  or simply don't like the concept, you can have the fab fragrances the brand does for Holiday with little muss or fuss.

You get a small gold metal vessel with open front and sides so air flows freely. Then you add the sticks. Each scented stick is supposed to last 30 days and 2 sticks is enough for a smaller room , 3 larger, etc. You get 5 in each set.

The sticks ( which are trademarked) are custom made of paper , infused with fragrance oil and according to the brand, conditioned with a patented technology. The sticks have a strong fragrance out of the package and good throw.

I was just telling my buddy Kathy at MinxEats about this. She mentioned loving NEST's Holiday fragrance, her favorite of the season, but in her  office at work she can't burn candles and is not a fan of liquid ones. This could be perfect.

NEST's Liquidless Diffuser comes in two holiday scents- Holiday and Birchwood Pine along with some of their other non seasonal scents .  I have Birchwood Pine and it is a true white pine, balsam, woodsy fragrance that will be great all Winter, not just at  Christmas.

NEST Liquidless Diffuser is $ 60 and available at , Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomies, Neimans and Blue Mercury.

For more NEST Holiday, see my earlier post on gift sets here .

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theminx said...

I'm eager to try the NEST liquidless diffusers at work, but for now, I am using the NEST Holiday room spray. It smells just like my favorite candle, but sadly, it doesn't last long. Still, I get that great fragrance in my otherwise not-so-great-smelling place of work. lol