Tuesday, November 6, 2018

L'Oreal Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Honey Balm & Honey Eye Gel

L'Oreal went to the hive for the newest skincare .

Age Perfect All Over Balm & Honey Eye Gel both use the ingredient to add some moisture along with calcium and antioxidants to help soothe and soften skin.

All Over Balm reminds me some of their Golden Balm line from years ago. There was a fab eye cream that sadly was dc'd.  This new balm is meant to be used anywhere you need some heavy duty moisture. Elbows, face , hands/knuckles, etc. It's thick , hydrating with shea butter, beeswax , apricot kernal and sunflower seed oils.  The fragrance is lightly floral with a little honey. I really like this and will be using it a lot now that cooler weather is coming. I also love that it's easily found at any drugstore . ( $ 24.99)

Honey Eye Gel has a neat triple rollerball to smooth over eyes . The gel is thin and adds light moisture with a slight firming/tightening feel. That makes it  a nice pick for day but the cooling feel of the rollerballs is welcome after a long day. This does have alcohol denat. in the ingredients ,I wish it didn't but I still like it overall. Coconut and jojoba seed oil along with glycerin add the moisturizing. ( $ 24.99)

Also part of the line is Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Nourishing Moisturizer which has a new look and the addition of honey . It's a nice thick, super creamy , highly moisturizing rich cream for day or night.

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