Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sweet Chef Beet & Vitamin A Serum Shot

Sweet Chef is a new skincare line from the Glow Recipe people. I've not tried any of Glow Recipe's line yet but I know it's super popular and sounds really good.

Sweet Chef skincare is exclusive to Target and Glow Recipe's website.  There are several serums and masks , all that mix vegetable extracts and vitamins while being free of phthalates , added fragrance and parabens.

I wanted to try Beet and Vitamin A Serum Shot as I'm always ready for smoothing and pore refining and I like using a retinol.  Let me tell you,  this really works. I use a lot of high end skincare including many retinols and this has worked better than most at making my skin smooth.  After just a couple uses I noticed a difference. Soft, smooth ,better. My pores haven't seen as much difference but they are a tiny bit improved and I'll take that as my pores are large and there isn't much that helps that. Also, I've only been using it a week.

I'm extremely impressed with this . I'm late to jump on the Korean skincare wagon  but I'm here now. This will easily help to achieve the "glass" skin look everyone is talking about .

The formula is a thicker, jellied liquid. It's lightly moisturizing and takes a few minutes to sink in. It's a bit tacky for awhile but not too long. Ingredients include glycerin, beet root extract, retinol, cocoa seed extract, soybean oil and sugarcane extract. I use it stand alone as it's enough for my skin right now. But  you can layer with another Serum Shot for an extra boost or  add moisturizer over it.

Sweet Chef Beet & Vitamin A Serum Shot is $ 18 at Target for a 1 fl. oz bottle

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