Sunday, November 17, 2019

Goutal Paris Eau D'Hadrien Alcohol Free Water

Recently I had the chance to try the alcohol free version of Goutal's Eau  D'Hadrien.  The fragrance is a longtime favorite of mine , I have both the EDP and EDT in smaller bottles. 

My bottles are close to 10 years old so comparison may not be equal as I honestly don't know if there has been any formula tweaking plus mine, while they smell pretty good, may have degraded some.   

This version comes in a hefty opaque bottle and feels more clean and softer than the EDP. It's also a bit more floral and while still citrus heavy not as zesty and full on citrus . To me it works almost as a body spray and the "water" in the name makes it seem that's where this was meant to head.  The website says it can be used for body, hair and clothing.  

A Eau de Hadrien scented body spray is fine by me. I like that  I can use it with abandon. It wears close to the skin and doesn't have tons of staying power so I just spritz more .  

 Goutal Paris Eau D' Hadrien  Alcohol Free Water is $ 100 for 3.4 oz at Goutal and wherever the brand is sold. 

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