Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Tiffany & Love For Her Perfume

Tiffany's new perfume is  Love for Her. I'll admit I  wasn't a big fan of their earlier Tiffany fragrance. It was just ok to my nose.  This new one on the other hand, I love. 

& Love is a sparkling citrus woods scent that reminds me a little of traditional colognes. Dry citrus of grapefruit and lemon kick things off with basil, vetiver , cedarwood and a new note used for this line - blue sequoia. There is some floral in a dewy neroli note and that balances the woods nicely.

 It wears lightly and close to skin. I don't get great longevity but on The Mom it lasted several hours.  This , to me, is more a warm weather frag, it will feel cool and refreshing , but I have been wearing it a lot now . It's easy to wear and bracing  in the cold temps.

The bottle here is a good one. Minimal but casually elegant and a nice detail in that the top silver rim has the notes engraved. There is also a men's version (although the women's is very unisex) for his and hers if you're so inclined. 

Tiffany & Love For Her is $ 100 for 3 oz EDP and $ 105 for 1.6 oz at Macys , Bloomingdales and Tiffany stores and online 

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