Sunday, February 16, 2020

IT Cosmetics Pillow Lips Lipstick

New lippie alert - It Cosmetics  recently launched Pillow Lips lipsticks. 

These are what I am calling old school lipstick. They've got full  coverage and  rich saturation in one swipe.  Each shade is available in Matte and Cream formula. I am not a matte fan for the most part, so I went with all Cream colors. 

Vision, marvelous, wish list ,fanciful, humble

The bullet here is firm but not hard as the formula is lightly moisturizing and creamy with a not quite satin , more semi matte finish with one,   Marvelous, being a pearl.  It does drag a bit on application and you think it'll be patchy but it's not. They blend and smoothes out easily and fast with a smush of your lips.

With lanolin ,sesame seed, jojoba and peppermint oils and shea butter they feel very comfy on and have is a light scent but no taste of peppermint. I've been wearing one the past couple days and not only do I love the full quick color but they last really well. I went from 7:30 to 10:30AM including drinking and eating a snack bar with very little wear. By lunchtime I still had a stain left.  

It  has done a fabulous job with the cases here too. Weighty and ceramic like with an embossed quilted pattern , and a solid silver tube with the brand name etched across the bottom.  A little modern and very chic . 

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