Monday, July 13, 2020

Lockdown / Mask Makeup Musings

During the lockdown I learned to love my face more. I've gotten far more comfortable with my naked , makeup less face the past months. I wore almost no makeup while home  ( I rarely did on days I wasn't going anywhere pre -lockdown really ) and when I did venture out it was minimal and above the mask. That's the area now- abm.

Do I still love makeup, do you have to ask ? Yes. And yes I think I look better with makeup on than not but I also  think I don't look as bad without it as I used to think.   I don't wear and never have worn it so much to impress others as I do for me. I want to look good to people who see me, but I want to look good for ME first.  I feel better when I think look better and I'm pretty sure that's all of us. And I also just love playing with makeup.  It's nothing but fun when i start digging into those pans and pots . I wouldn't have been doing this blog for 12 years if not. But the makeup less or minimal makeup me doesn't look so bad at all.

I went back to work  to a busy office almost 3 weeks ago and boy was that a tough transition . I was perfectly fine at home and  not bored for one minute. Now makeup is back on but in a different way . What is my routine now ?

I focus on the eyes more than ever because that's what's most visible . Before even though I would do a full eye look,  the focus would have been lips because my eye makeup tends to melt off fast.  Now I pay more attention there with fun colored liners ( I've been reminded how much fun they are and why I have a gazillion colors that  want to be used instead of the usual brown or taupe) ,  and of course concealer. I'm wearing green and purple eyeshadow more.

Bronzer plays a big role . Shimmery or matte.  Highlight and/or blush too but sometimes just bronzing gets it done.  A cream bronzer like Chanel's Baume Essential or a NARS Multiple is perfect for quick swipe  on the cheek area above the mask.

Lime Crime's Sunkissed palette adds so much glowy color, has all the shades you could want . Chanel's Bronze et Lumiere duo in medium is another I reach for often and Guerlain's Terracotta Touch.  I'm loving a sunkissed look right now. It's easy , fast but looks nice. Grab a big fluffy brush ( I love IT Cosmetics Heavenly Wand Ball Powder), swirl it on the usual places- bridge of nose, upper cheek , browbone and forehead and you're done in seconds flat.  Sometimes, I even skip the eyes . I know, I know. Maybe just a bit of mascara . But really,  go back to my first line- I've learned to love my face more. And really that's not  bad thing at all .

So what's your new routine , or is it the same ?  Pop in or leave me an Insta comment. We all need to do us, be ourselves with what makes us feel good day in and out. More makeup, less, it doesn't matter .

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