Thursday, September 23, 2021

Tiffany Rose Gold EDP


New from Tiffany & Co. is Rose Gold EDP.

It's sparkly, fruity and light  . You get blackcurrant right off , it reminds me a bit of a bubbly sweet rosé like the old Asti Spumantes I drank as a young adult. Then you have musk and woods start coming in with a soft , non powdery dry rose . This could be the iris note but I really don't smell much iris to be honest. Musk and ambrette  are the drydown and it's very musky , light musks nothing heavy .

Overall this isn't anything unique , it's the Tiffany association that people will go for and I have no problem with that.  It's pretty , light and easy to wear if not unlike something else you've sniffed. I can think of many people I know who'd be thrilled with it for a gift.
My favorite Tiffany remains the unfortunately named &Love For Her,  cool cologne like citrus floral.

Something else fun is if you buy Rose Gold from Tiffany's you can have the bottle engraved.

Tiffany Rose Gold is $ 108  for 1.7 oz 

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