Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bronze Goddess Fragrance by Estee Lauder

Bronze Goddess is the new fragrance from Estee Lauder in the same vein as the beloved Azuree Soleil. Azuree Soleil was discontinued, much to the dismay of many, but I am here to tell you that Bronze Goddess more than makes up for it.

Bronze Goddess is actually very like Azuree Soleil, they share a lot but there is just enough difference to separate them. Bronze Goddess has a touch more citrus, and to me is a bit less creamy smelling. It is still a gorgeous skinscent, reminiscent of beach days spent in the sun. It still has that suntan lotion smell. Personally, due to the citrus, I am liking this new scent even more than it's predecessor, and I really loved Azuree Soleil. I am totally loving this one too.

Bronze Goddess will come in a dry oil spray and a lotion as well as the Eau Fraiche. For my money, and maybe yours, the oil is the way to go. For the past 2 summers I could not use enough of it. Not only does it smell wonderful, it's softening and light, perfect for the heat of summer.

The notes:
Top: Coconut milk, Sandalwood, Vanilla
Middle: Amber, Mandarin, Sicilian bergamot, lemon and pulpy orange
Bottom: Tiare Flower, Jasmine, Magnolia Petals, Orange Flower buds and Lavender.
( all these notes seem like a lot, but truthfully the coconut, tiare, amber and citrus are what really came to my nose)

Eau Fraiche 100 ml $ 49.50
Body Oil 100ml $ 29.50
Luminous Body Lotion 200 ml $ 29.50

Arriving in March

photo:estee lauder

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