Friday, November 7, 2008

Sebastian Re- Shaper Hairspray

Sebastian hair products have been a staple chez the Alchemist for many a year. First the Mom started using them, then me. After a tried & true drugstore buying friend used my can of Shaper Plus once, she ran out to buy her own immediately. We could have done adverts for Shaper Plus. I think Mom may keep them in business.

So when I read about new products coming out, especially a new Shaper called Re Shaper, I knew the Mom had to have this.

She has very fine, limp, colored hair. So she looks for strong hold against humidity and volume. She raved about the Re Shaper. I can see why as after the first time she used it her hair was amazingly pouffed.

Re Shaper is able to be used on damp hair for styling. So she sprayed it into the top and sides and basically blew out her hair. The sides were literally standing out. Major volume.

It's a very workable, brushable spray but be careful not too spray too much. It did get a bit sticky the first time out due to too much of it. When she cut down, it was even better.

The hold is great as well.

This doesn't replace regular Shaper or Shaper Plus and does act a bit different so you can easily use one or all .

There are several more new items I want to try when I get to the beauty supply next. The whole new line and look is really nice, and most of the old standby items thankfully are still available.

Retail is approx. 17.00

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