Friday, November 21, 2008

Whats New From Bourjois

Bourjois makeup has been a fun and quality staple brand. Then they went on clearance at Sephora and sort of disappeared briefly. Thats because the line will now be carried at Ulta Stores nationwide.

Bourjois has a long history from it's french roots and is very popular overseas. There are plenty of new, cool items in the line, plus some old favorites.

The cell phone charms are the cutest. The lipgloss ones have been out awhile, but the mascara one is newer. The lipstick charm is newest and exclusive to Ulta.

It was pointed out to me that these got through airport security very well. Since they are attached to your cellphone, no one really gives them a second glance.

- Mascara charm $ 8.00( 5 fab shades, love the purple one)
- Lipstick charm $ 9.00( 14 shades)
-Lipgloss Charm $ 9.00( 12 shades)

Docteur Glamour lipstick is new. 3 red shades in a nice new case, this is also very moisturizing.$ 15.00

Ombre Stretch shadow - The new shadow. Repackaged to do away with the somewhat unwieldy old round containers and half moon brush. These look like gum packs. Slim, narrow and long . Very portable.
$ 15.00
Fun new Gloss Bijou- A big disco ball with a cord to wear if you like or tie on a bag. The ball slides open and has a really pretty sheer coral gloss inside. I don't know the price on this yet, or exact release date, but it should be out very soon.

Shop for Bourjois at or in stores. There are some cute gift sets out as well.

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