Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kapsule Fragrances by Karl Lagerfeld

Last month the Kapsule set of fragrances by Karl Lagerfeld finally hit stores. It seems I had read about them so long ago.

These are 3 scents that KL had developed, meant to be worn by men or women, and individually or mixed.
I can attest to the unisex factor in them, but I am not sure I would mix them. They seem fine each on their own.

The 3 scents are all nicely done , well blended and evolve from start to drydown. They also come in rather neat, geometric bottles in rich colors.

Floriental-This one is the least unisex to my nose and more feminine . It is very spicy right off , then some green notes , perhaps a little vetiver? As it dries down, it is a very warm fragrance. The smoky spiciness continues but not in a strong way . This is not a heavy scent or loud. It is actually soft with medium sillage. It seems sophisticated and by the drydown has become a bit more floral. This one comes in a dark red bottle I just love.

Light- The most masculine scent to me. Light is aquatic with a hint of sweetness( blood orange note). Nutmeg and Clove give a barely there spicy-ness. It has a musky edge at times and again, is not overly strong, but very long lasting. This has a resemblance to some other men's fragrances out there.

Woody- Again a very unisex composition. This one is all woods . You smell the forest, and moss. The plum note gives a bit of a dried fruit note midway, and mingles with the cedar. By the full drydown there is a incense note as well.

The scents are sold exclusively for now ( in US) at Neiman Marcus. International outlets listed on website.

$ 110.00 each for 2.5 oz. or the set of the three for 150.00 ( 3 one ounce bottles).

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