Monday, December 15, 2008

Lush Solid Perfumes Holiday 2008

One treat of the Holiday season is new Lush Solid perfumes. I love solid perfumes , so this is cause for great excitement here and I finally got my hands on most of the new ones .

There are 4 new scents( one is a repromote). Sakura, The Comforter, Snow Showers and Olive Branch.

Sakura is powder soft light floral of mainly Cherry Blossom & and Mimosa . It is very light but not barely there if that makes any sense. It also has a very Springlike quality. A great subtle scent.

Snow Showers is the return of last year's great Champagne Snow Showers. One of my favorite scents, not just from Lush, but period. Lush calls it their version of a Bucks Fizz which is a British drink and also my favorute truffle flavor by Charbonnel et Walker chocolates.( Haven't had the drink). It has cognac and orange oils and is just yummy. The cognac doesn't give it an alchohol smell just deepens the citrus and gives it a smooth edge. The scent is very much like last years version.

The Comforter has a very berry scent but with a hint of almost menthol from the Cypress oil. The bergamot is pretty quiet in this and the Cassis berry is strong. This is the strongest smelling of the group with the Cassis packing a punch. This scent lasts the longest.

Olive Branch is the one I haven't tried, but it is a citrus with bergamot, orange, lemon and orange flower and sounds really nice.

All of these are Vegan, made with a cocoa butter and wax base and come in a small tin that are very portable. They don't last overly long and can be re-applied through the day. Great to keep in your purse or drawer for touch ups.

I do not know if these are LE or permanent.

Retail is 12.65 is your nearest Lush or

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