Monday, February 8, 2010

Clairol Nice N Easy Root Touch Up

These days more and more women are doing home haircolor. Since there are loads of choices out there and I don't color my hair yet (but I am thinking about it), I sent a best friend on a recon mission.

My friend was a great choice, since she works 60 hours a week in retail and over the holiday season has little to no time to tend to her hair etc. even though she willingly calls herself high maintenance.

She's been a diehard L'Oreal Preference girl but she grabbed a Clairol Root Touch Up before Christmas to keep her light blonde locks in shape. The touch up covered the roots perfectly and the best part: she said the touch up lasted over 3 weeks. Thats a nice extra time in between colorings whether at home or in salon. If you do in salon and can stretch a few weeks out, lets face it, that saves plenty.

Root Touch Up is available at all mass market outlets.

See for more incl. a shade matching tool for all brands and get tips from Gigi aka Angela Kinsey of TV's The Office.

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