Saturday, May 22, 2010

Maybelline Sneak Peek at Summer/Fall

Maybelline has a raft of new launches coming this summer season. Building on the success of all those new releases last year and early this year, they will expand a few lines and bring a popular mascara from Europe to our shores.

- Color Sensational Lipstick will come in a new Pearls version. Contained in a pearlized case with a shimmer finish in 10 shades. ( These hit stores in June)

- A Color Sensational LipStain will also be launced in 10 shades. This is a water based formula with berry nectars and will be a pen style wand.

- The Falsies Volum' Express is a new mascara here that has been hugely succesful in Europe according to Maybelline. This uses a fiber brush with a slightly flat tip that is cupped like a spoon. Pro Keratin fibers are in there for volume.

- Eye Studio Color Gleam Cream Eyeshadow- an addition to the Eyestudio line , a new cream formula . Each compact will have 3 bright shades with a shimmer finish.

- Instant Age Rewind Protector Finishing Powder- new to the fab Instant Age Rewind line, is a powder with SPF 25 .

- Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation- a mousse foundation for those with dry skin. This is said to provide up to 14 hours of hydration.

All images/info: WWD and Maybelline UK


♥sormui♥ said...

I cant wait!! Thx for the sneak peeek!

Kelsey said...

the cream shadows look a lot like Revlon's

Beauty Alchemist said...

You're welcome Sormui. Thanks for stopping by

Beauty Alchemist said...

Kelsey, I agree , at least in the picture they do look like Revlon's We'll have to wait until they are in stores to really tell.