Monday, May 31, 2010

My Tagalongs

Summer often means travel and for many, travel due to work is a constant thing.

My Tagalongs is a company that makes travel friendly, inexpensive ways to make your trips easier. These come especially handy for long trips where you need to really conserve packing space or short hops where you are trying to keep it light.

Some items include:

Vitamin Pod- Not as fancy as the huge one Samantha carries in Sex and The City2 but it's cute, and will hold your vitamins or meds for most trips . This is definitely an area you want to keep organized. ( Just keep in mind that internationally, sometimes customs will need see bottles with official info.) So label this a domestic travel item. $ 5.00

The Jet Set- a set of containers that will get thru security in your carry on.
Set contains 2 small .5oz/15ml airless-pump refillables and 2 jars, that seal tight . $ 8.00

Handywoman's Kit-With scissors, knife, the smallest tweezers ever, nail file, toothpick and pen, all the tools you may need during your vacation. $ 6.00
The website has much more . You can buy in store throughout Canada, in the US it's online only.

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