Wednesday, June 16, 2010

David Yurman Luxurious Dusting Powder

It's rare to find nice scented powder anywhere these days let alone one in a boudoir jar edged in gold. I am a big dusting powder fan, so I was thrilled to see this gorgeous new one from David Yurman. This large glass jar topped with the iconic David Yurman gold cable border just exudes elegance, and who doesn't need more elegance in their lives ?

The powder has a bit of shimmer to it and has the most of the same notes as the David Yurman perfume -including patchouli and floral essences of rose and peony. It is however, very light. It has good sillage and the scent lingers long but it's not heavy. Powders usually aren't. That makes it good for the warmer weather most of us have been having.

The luxurious dusting powder is LE, includes a puff and sells for $ 80.00 at, Saks, Nordstrom , Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales.

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