Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hold Hairspray from Living Proof

Living Proof, the line created partially by MIT scientists first de-frizzed the world with No Frizz . Now we have Hold , a frizz dampening, flexible hairspray.

Hold uses the exclusive humidity-blocking technology PolyfluoroEster, created by Living Proof's team of scientists. With summer humidity is full swing in many areas, the frizz fighting gets even harder. Hold is one more way to help beat it

Hold also is flake free, non -drying and soft. It doesn't have that harsh, hard hold some sprays can have but still manages to keep styles from frizzing up. If you are looking to keep a style in rock solid place this may not be your pick, but for keeping a basic style calm through the day Hold works. They also created a blend of polymers that when combined form a " flexible web of fibers that form to join hair strands together, but not freeze them into place ".

It comes in a large can or a nicely sized travel one. Prices are $ 24 and $ 14 respectively.

Hold is on sale now exclusively at , QVC , and

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