Thursday, December 30, 2010

MAC Ivy & Siahi Fluidlines from Mickey Contractor

MAC is hitting it hard with new collections right after holidays and for the New Year. It seems though that there are always stand outs  within each collection. With Mickey Contractor, I think it's the Fluidlines. The rest  of the line is nice but nothing too out of the ordinary. The Fluidlines on the other hand, rock.( Although the new shadows are pretty nice here as well. )  I am a huge Fluidline fan and we haven't seen as many new ones for some time except the very pretty Dark Diversion from Stylishly Yours.

These new Fluidlines are the emerald green Ivy and the medium blue  Siahi. MAC calls Siahi deep turquoise blue. I think it's very much a medium sapphire/deep teal   .  I love the greens so Ivy has me in it's thrall. It's super emerald and kind of 80s  . It looks great on. If you like blues then you'll love Siahi. Both are very wearable I think,  if you love color.

The Mickey Contractor collection , inspired by Bollywood makeup artist pioneer and   MAC's Director of Artistry for India is on counter January 6 in US, January International.   Both Fluidline shades are LE.

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