Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kailis South Seas Pearl "O" pendant - Oprah Tribute

 South Seas pearls are a treasure and Kailis is an Austrailian family owned  company, who   harvest  these gems from their own beds located in Broome, Western Australia.

To commemorate and celebrate Oprah Winfrey's final show season and her  visit to the  country , Kailis has designed  a special pendant and charm just for the occasion.

Now whether you are an Oprah fan or not, you can still appreciate this beauty. The O medallion has an inner, separate circle with the inscription " Oprah, The Farewell Season. However,  this is not highly visible and not easily seen.

What you do see is a very modern piece of pearl jewelry. This is not your grandmom's jewelry . It's not fussy but carries that  inherent pearl elegance. I love pearls  and love how just right this looks .  It's  almost casual.

The pendant is  sterling silver  and has  a glowing 10-12  mm  baroque South Seas pearl   with 2 tiny black diamonds tucked into the bale on 2 sides (  a trademark of Kailis, they call it their "secret black diamonds" ). Each charm  can be worn together as shown or  on it's own.  The chain is long at 90 cm or approx. 34 inches.

  Most Kailis pearls are only available in Europe and the South Pacific as of now , but the Oprah piece is  available only is the US and Canada on for $ 450.00

There you can also hop over to the main site and read more about the pearl harvesting etc, which I found really interesting.

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