Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Skin Cream

Kiehl's Rosa Arctica  is the cream to reach  for if you have  winter dry or desert sun  parched skin. It's loaded with  moisture from cocoa butter, shea butter , fatty acids, squalene and glycerin.

Kiehl's new  key ingredient here is the Resurrection Flower, a plant indigenous to  Bulgaria , that is know to survive in the harshest condtions. The flower itself can survive periods of dryness ( and completly dry out) for up to 31 months, according to Kiehls,  by  miminizing water loss  and then come back to normal growth and flower after  moisture is once again added.  All this means that this new ingredient is said  to "jolt" skin cells , wake them up,  and help to reduce wrinkles, increase elasticity and smooth.

That's the scientific speak. What I can tell you from trying it, is that Rose Arctica cream is  a thick , silky cream ( you can tell there is shea butter in there) that obviously is super moisturizing. It is the richest cream in  the Kiehl's lineup.   It sinks in fast  and is soft not sticky on skin.   It's far too heavy for me, but as I said in the beginning, if you have super dry skin this is exactly what you are looking for. Think of this as like  the heavy hand cream you use but made for your face with anti-aging properties.

Retail is  $ 60.00 for  1.7  oz jar.

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Unknown said...

I had (have) no idea about creams, product and all that jazz... I was with my better half shopping, and decided it was about time to get some sort of cream to help hold back the lines!!

I have to say, as a total novice, I'm quite impressed, so far. Its made my skin feel much better (I normally have very dry skin) and unless I'm just being positively biased, the lines seem to have started to fade after just a few days. The noticeable difference was immediate, and I've found myself compelled to continue using it because I much prefer the 'improved' condition after using this product.

Hit me up for updates if you're considering using it!