Thursday, September 22, 2011

Acqua Di Parma Gelsomino Nobile

I haven't met , truly, an Acqua Di  Parma fragrance I haven't liked or usually, loved. I'm beginning to think that despite my love of so many vaunted fragrance houses, that the Italians just may have most of my heart. They love to reference villas , palazzos and gardens overlooking the Mediterranean and I am so there, in  my mind at least. So perhaps that's part of it. It helps that they really do smell that good.

So we have  Acqua Di Parma's newest -Gelsomino Nobile, based on Calabrian Jasmine, known for being green and fresh. There is a trio of Nobile fragrances now ,with the previous two being the equally gorgeous Iris Nobile and Magnolia Nobile.

Gelosmino Nobile is all  sweet jasmine ( and I don't mean super candy sweet but that it's not indolic)  It's a full bodied white floral ,  incredibly pretty  and yes fresh, as the jasmine is said to be.

The jasmine is mingled with mandarin which makes a fabulous combination  and orange blossom builds the white flower presence  and then the cedarwood and musk notes temper the flowers a little bit and  ground it. I don't find it to be very green , but there is just enough there to balance those white flowers and not send into hothouse territory ( not that there is anything wrong with that .) The overtly big floral theme doesn't suit here, and Gelsomino Nobile is fine just as it is.  It's elegant but not never too much and has a sparkling zip to it which might be the mandarin. That note sticks around here much longer than usual as citrus is so  volatile .

It will wear well  most any day and anytime.  Sillage is medium and it lasts nicely .

3.4 oz/100ml EDP Spray: $170
1.7oz/50ml EDP Spray: $108
5.25oz/150gr Body Cream: $80 (4% concentrated fragrance)

Avaialable at Neiman Marcus,  Bergdorf Goodman, Saks and select Nordstroms .

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eula_w said...

I remember this perfume but never did smell it. Thanks for your well-written description. Sounds captivating!

I'm really enjoying your blog. :)

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