Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Carolee Legacy Collection Panther Jewelry

My vintage watch

I love the panther theme in jewelry and ever since the Duchess of Windsor's jewelry sale caught my attention  so many years ago I started a  small collection.  And while I adore and lust after  Cartier pieces, of which the Duchess owned many, my budget and probably yours, doesn't allow for that. So I bought mostly costume pieces and one item of  fine  jewelry  back in the late '80s when they were a bit of trend thanks to the Duchess and through the years picked up more here and there.
Parading Panther Bracelet $ 65.00

One of the pieces  I have is a Carolee panther watch . It's pretty fabulous ( I think) and the return of panther pieces in the company's 40th Anniversary Legacy Collection has reminded me of this tucked away gem , and  that I need to bust it out more often.

Parading Panther Necklace $ 75.00
Of course I also would love to add the new Carolee items to my collection, especially this necklace .  The new bracelet is very reminiscent of my watch  and both are  total statement pieces.
Cat's Meow Earrings $ 32.00

The Legacy Collection is available now anywhere Carolee is sold as well as

**Carolee will donate $5 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation for each piece of Legacy Collection jewelry sold.

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