Thursday, March 1, 2012

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipgloss

Mango Sheen, Fuji Pink, Sweet Bean
New today from MAC is Sheen Supreme Lipgloss in a click pen applicator. It seemed for a time that many brands had this type of lippie but now not so much .  Sheen Supreme gloss is like it's lipstick counterpart Sheen Supreme Lipstick in that it's  moisturizing and feels great on lips. The gloss is a little bit sheerer than the lipstick with the pigment getting stronger the deeper the shade.

There is shimmer and good shine but it's not sticky on lips.

The 2 lighter shades here are both sheerer on lips than they look. Sweet Bean especially just gives  a wash of color . Fuji Pink is less sheer and more peachy than the name implies and Mango Sheen has more  pink/red and less coral than the name implies. It is , however, quite pretty if you're looking for a sunny red for summer.

The lipgloss is LE thru April 5 and retails for $ 19.00

See my original post for the list of all colors


Mal said...

Love the colors, but Ive never been a fan of that applicator style

Mal @ The Chic Geek

Beauty Alchemist said...

I can take that style or leave it Mal. I like them but it's not a huge fav. But got to love variety and it's a great lippie.